Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1997

Afterward, it was exactly because of this that she was regarded highly by Yin Youyou who was satisfied with her performance.

With such a great opportunity, the assistant would never let it slip away.

"Haha, the one who's really homeless is someone else, isn't it?" Xu Tao glanced over at Yin Youyou.

Yin Youyou's back suddenly straightened and her expression changed as well.

Xu Tao was mocking her!

A year ago, when she was at her absolute worst, she really had slept on the streets. Xu Tao had found her and cultivated her to become a big star in Glory World.

The assistant had heard about Yin Youyou's past before and she knew Yin Youyou must be really upset. She went up to the two of them. "I've already said this is Yin Youyou's exclusive dressing room. Do you dogs not know how to listen to the human language?"

At this moment, some staff of the TV Station came over when they heard the fuss.

"May I know what's happening?"

A bearded middle-aged man and a young woman entered.

The sharp-chinned assistant quickly complained, "Director Chen, well, you know this is Youyou's exclusive dressing room. Every time Youyou comes, she always uses this. The other rooms are too small! But these two people insisted on staying here unreasonably and want to take Youyou's dressing room!"

"Well…" The director looked at Yin Youyou who was doing her makeup, then glanced at Qin Shuang and Xu Tao.

The industry would usually pick on the weaker ones, and Yin Youyou was infamous for being a bully.

On the other hand, there was Qin Shuang. While she became popular overnight, she was not at a level that could be compared to Yin Youyou.

It was really unnecessary to offend Yin Youyou because of Qin Shuang.

After a short moment of consideration, the director already had his answer. He turned to Xu Tao and Qin Shuang. "This dressing room is Ms. Yin's exclusive dressing room. Why don't the two of you follow me somewhere else?"

The assistant looked really cheeky when she heard that the director was on her side. "Did you hear that?"

Qin Shuang did not want to give Xu Tao any trouble, so she whispered to him, "It's alright, Bro Tao. Let's go somewhere else!"

Xu Tao did not say anything, his expression seemed eerie instead.

The assistant became impatient when the two of them did not move. "Youyou's program is starting soon. Are you going to be responsible if it's delayed?"

It was not really a big deal, but this assistant just wanted to make them look bad.

Director Chen glanced at the time. Because he was rushing, he used a harsher tone. "Please leave and don't bother the other artistes who're going on stage."

The assistant gave a signal to the two bodyguards, then she taunted with her shrill voice, "Get lost! Just how shameless are you to take our dressing room, bringing a small-time extra with you?!"

As she spoke, the two bodyguards were on their way to chase them out.

At the same time, there was a voice behind Xu Tao and Qin Shuang. "So... I'm a small-time extra?"

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