Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1999

That was not all. Director Chen turned to Yin Youyou's team and said, "Ms. Yin, I think you guys have made a mistake. Please change to another dressing room now!"

What!? A mistake!?

Had it now become their mistake?

They had been here much earlier!

Youyou had been using the dressing room here!

However, it was obvious that Director Chen did not want to offend Ning Xi and was doing it on purpose.

"Please!" Director Chen urged them.

The assistant did not dare say anything else. She might still be able to run her mouth if Ning Xi had not meddled. However, it was apparent Ning Xi wanted to help Qin Shuang. What could she say as just a mere assistant?

Yin Youyou had never been humiliated to this extent before. Her nails dug deep into her palms and she almost lost her composure then and there.

She used up all her self-control to calm down. "Let's go."

Yin Youyou's group quickly packed up their things inside the room.

As they went to the entrance and passed by Xu Tao and Qin Shuang, the sharp-chinned assistant was still frustrated. She growled in a mean tone, "Do you think you've won? You guys are just using Ning Xi!"

The assistant was not being soft, so of course, Ning Xi heard it. Ning Xi's expression turned cold as Xu Tao and Qin Shuang's faces soured.

Suddenly, Ning Xi stood up and went towards Qin Shuang and Xu Tao. "Bro Tao, Shuang Shuang, follow me to the dressing room upstairs."

Ning Xi's dressing room had originally been arranged to be upstairs.

Yin Youyou's dressing room was impressive, but the most extravagant room that was made for people of high international standards was the one upstairs.

Qin Shuang nodded obediently.

Yin Youyou's expression turned even worse when she heard that they were going upstairs.

At this moment, a TV station staff came over panting, "Ms. Yin, your programme is about to start! Please get into position!"

"What?" The assistant's expression changed. "But Youyou's makeup is just halfway done!"

The assistant was scatter-brained as she panicked. "Since Ms. Ning Xi is going to another dressing room and isn't using this room, then let us use it!"

She then rushed in.

Ning Xi grinned, then she glanced at the card that said "Ning Xi's Exclusive Dressing Room".

"Did I allow you to use the room?"

Not only did she want it, even if she was not using it, she would not allow them to.

Director Chen was skilled at observing others, so of course, he noticed Ning Xi's intentions. He then said, "I'm afraid not. This is Ms. Ning's exclusive dressing room. No one can enter without her permission. Please go somewhere else. The public dressing area is just opposite here."

"What!? You want Youyou to go there!? And why can't we use it even when it's empty?" The assistant could not believe it.

Director Chen said emotionlessly, "We reserved this room for Ms. Ning. It was your mistake from the start. We can't do anything about it. If you guys can't make it, then I'll get the other programs to go on."

What a bully!

The assistant was frustrated.

However, they could not do anything about it. If they delayed any further, their program would be scrapped.

In the end, Yin Youyou's team went into the public dressing area and finished the rest of the makeup under the odd gazes of the other artistes.

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