Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2000

Yin Youyou was not herself as she rushed on-stage with unstable emotions. Her singing went horribly, and she could not reach several of the high-pitched notes.

Yin Youyou went back stage with a darkened expression. Just then, she heard people gossiping.

"Gosh! Who gave Yin Youyou the courage to pick up singing?"

"Haha, there are so many news about artistes faking their singing recently. At least, she proved that she isn't faking it!"

"Huh? You can do that too?"

"Hey, that's not the main point, alright? Do you know what situationYin Youyou is in now? Why did she use the public dressing area with us just now? Doesn't she have her own exclusive dressing room?"

"Haha, I know! I heard that Xu Tao and Qin Shuang went to the wrong room. Yin Youyou picked on them and accused them of trying to take the dressing room by force. She even had people chase them out!"

"And then, and then? How did it become Yin Youyou getting chased out instead?"

The female artiste who claimed to know all about it then continued, "Then, Goddess Ning Xi arrived! What happened afterwards? You don't need me to spell it out, do you?"

"Ning Xi is really sweet. I heard she's very protective of artistes from the same company as her! Aside from Qin Shuang, I heard there are several others as well!"

"Yin Youyou always acts arrogantly just because she's slightly more popular. It's karma! She always bullies the weak. She should go and fight Ning Xi then!

Yin Youyou was frustrated when she heard them. "Are you guys done?"

They were all shocked and quickly acted being busy as if nothing had happened. They were afraid of this emerging typhoon.

The group convened together again after Yin Youyou stormed off angrily.

"What do you think Yin Youyou will do? People who've offended Yin Youyou before faced tragic consequences!" Someone asked.

"Are you kidding? It's Ning Xi! Ning Xi is on a whole different level than Yin Youyou! Look at how the TV station treats her!"

"Don't forget that there's Han Zixuan above Yin Youyou too! Aren't they good friends? Even though Han Zixuan is usually selfish and self-centered, she takes special care of Yin Youyou!"

Someone rolled their eyes. "Han Zixuan's being suppressed herself. She can't even hold up for her own!"

"I think it's a little too early to make a conclusion. Given Glory World's capability and Han Zixuan's popularity, I think there's still a chance!"

At night, at a luxury superclub.

Han Zixuan and Ning Xueluo were sitting opposite each other at a table beside a small pond.

Han Zixuan looked frustrated and helpless. Han Zixuan asked her the most important question, "Vice President Ning, you've been taking care of me and helping me out, but ever since you left, I really feel like I can't stay in the company anymore. When are you coming back?"

Ever since Su Yan had taken over the company, she was being suppressed more and more. She could not just sit around and do nothing, which was why she had asked to meet Ning Xueluo tonight.

Opposite her, Ning Xueluo listened to her pleas and shrugged helplessly. She sounded like she was having some unspeakable issues. "I'm sorry, Zixuan, I don't have any power now. I'm afraid I can't help you"

Han Zixuan's expression changed. "Vice President Ning, I don't understand. Why did you suddenly leave the company?"

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