Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2006

Once these photos were released, the Internet instantly set off into torrential waves. Everyone was shocked.

Ning Xueluo and Han Zixuan's fans were instantly like hungry wolves that had been starved for days as they pounced over the pictures with bloodlust-filled eyes.

[F*ck! What an adulterous couple! Ning Xi's moronic fans, what do you have to say now!? This is cold hard evidence! Who else dares to say that our Zixuan is starting rumors and creating trouble?]

[Seducing a married man, bewitching him to take back all of the authority the wife has, poaching her over, and leaving a pregnant woman all alone at home late at night while the two of them hide alone in the little garden to secretly meet up and whisper sweet nothings! How shameless!]

[Zixuan was just fighting for her friend's justice, and she got attacked by Ning Xi's stupid fans! Thankfully, justice will always be served!]

[Initially, I still thought that Zheng Anru's words had gone a little overboard, but now that I think about it, she really said it too lightly. To compare someone like this to our Zixuan is really an insult to Zixuan!]

[Isn't she just someone who climbed up the ladder with her looks and body? She hid it too well before and deceived everyone! Now, the truth is finally out!]

[Ning Xi's brainless fans, why aren't you guys saying anything anymore? Come out and justify, won't you?!]


At Glory World Entertainment.

Liang Feixing and Xu Tao were closely monitoring the way things had progressed online.

Xu Tao sneered, "Tsk, Han Zixuan did indeed prepare backup!"

Liang Feixing looked up and shot him a look. "No shit? Otherwise, would she have dare dto immediately tear things apart?"

Xu Tao yawned and was bored stiff as he said, "Boring! Now, do we just post up the things from our end?"

When Liang Feixing heard him, he looked towards Ning Xi on the sofa opposite him. "Ning Xi, what do you think?"

Ning Xi retrieved her gaze from the computer screen. One of her hands lightly supported her tilted head while the fingers on her other hand tapped on the arm of the chair. "We'll obviously post it, but not that soon!"

When she said the last words, there was an ice-cold glint that flashed in Ning Xi's eyes.

Xu Tao quickly asked, "My queen, what do you mean?"

Ning Xi stopped what her fingers were doing, then she looked towards Xu Tao and said word for word, "Clean up."

Previously, because she had woken up, everything had to start from scratch and Glory World was in a terrible state too, so she could only choose to passively face attacks. However, now, it was time to get rid of Han Zixuan.

When Xu Tao heard these domineering words, his eyes instantly lit up. "Your Majesty, you're formidable and powerful! You're right! Forget it after slandering someone? Not that easy!"

On the side, Liang Feixing said in a lowered voice, "I've been secretly investigating Han Zixuan in this period of time. However, she's been very careful. It's been so long, yet I didn't manage to find anything useful."

Otherwise, he would have made a move to completely get rid of her by now. There was no way he would let her continue messing around.

Xu Tao nodded and echoed, "That is indeed so. There's a lot of dirt on Han Zixuan, but without evidence, it'd be useless no matter what we say!"

Ning Xi's eyes fell onto Xu Tao. She asked, "Bro Tao, aren't you forgetting Yin Youyou?"

When Xu Tao heard her, he was confused. "Yin Youyou?"

What did this have to do with Yin Youyou?

"With Han Zixuan's personality, why was it that after she jumped ships, she was nice enough to watch out for Yin Youyou?" Ning Xi asked.

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