Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2009

If Ning Xi survived, Han Zixuan would never get the chance to win. Starlight would surely shift all their resources to Yin Youyou, but if Ning Xi fell, as much as Yin Youyou hated Ning Xi, Han Zixuan would make her comeback. Yin Youyou would then never reach the top of Starlight.

Yin Youyou did not realize the existence of this issue, but after Xu Tao reminded her about it, she felt that it was too early for her to be celebrating.

If it was not for the dirty evidence she had on Han Zixuan, she would definitely be the first one to be removed!

She clearly understood that, at the most, the evidence could do was to get Han Zixuan to leave her alone.

She lived in Starlight in fear everyday, begging like a dog and hoping that she could get some scraps left from Han Zixuan's leftover food. She hoped that Han Zixuan would spare her some scarce resources.

She was one of Starlight's artiste after all, so if she leaked the evidence, Han Zixuan would be over, but so would she.

Furthermore, I f the company found out that she ratted out a fellow artiste, she would definitely be cut off.

Han Zixuan was aware of this and realized that she would not release those information, so they had maintained an odd balance up until now.

Ning Xi's appearance had given her a sense of hope. If Ning Xi were to fall now, then things would return to how it used to be.

Han Zixuan would become more and more powerful, and this information she had would become weaker over time. On the other hand, if Ning Xi was removed, Han Zixuan would surely treat her as a sore thumb and think of ways to deal with her.

Xu Tao coughed lightly when he saw Yin Youyou deep in thought as her face was becoming pale. "Ning Xi is really in trouble now. She was already exhausted going head-on against Han Zixuan. If Ning Xi goes down, Han Zixuan will just become better.

"Anyhow, if someone is destined to rise up, I'd rather it be you. After you... If you were to rise higher, I can still brag that I once cultivated you"

Yin Youyou's expression turned worse.

If Ning Xi fell, what were her chances of rising in Starlight?

She understood Han Zixuan very well. In the short span of half a year after Han Zixuan came over to Starlight, it did not matter if it were artistes from Starlight itself, or artistes who went over to Starlight from Glory World, she suppressed all of them even when they just tried a little to overtake her.

Ning Xi's comeback held Han Zixuan down, and the higher-ups in Starlight dropped her hints that they would like to promote her more. Han Zixuan would never be left out on such information, so she was probably hating her already. If Han Zixuan were to stay, Yin Youyou would surely face a tough time given Han Zixuan's jealous personality.

Xu Tao carefully observed the changes in Yin Youyou's expression, and he kept up his act on the outside while smiling on the inside. Dramatically, he sighed, "Poor Qin Shuang! She was able to gain some exposure due to Ning Xi's help. If Ning Xi's done for, she's probably going to face the same fate too.

"Xiaorou has already vanished. Among the people I brought up, only you're still around. Sometimes, I think that your decision to leave Glory World was correct. It was my fault that I couldn't provide you the best resources. If it were now, I probably can get you the same amount of resources as Ning Xi. I... Ah... Look at me, talking nonsense again. Just forget about what I just said!"

The same amount of resources as Ning Xi?!

Yin Youyou's eyes brightened up.

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