Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2014

It was just a short two-hour auction, yet it felt like forever for everyone.

Nearing the end, even the auctioneer was distracted. The times between each bid confirmation kept getting shorter, and even the usual formal phrases were omitted.

"Number 39, $5 million once. Number 39, $5 million twice.Number 39, $5 million thrice! Deal!"

Bang! With the sound of the auctioneer's gavel slamming down, everyone was relieved.

The final item of the night had been sold and the charity dinner had finally come to an end.

"The LA Charity Night has finally ended. Thank you for everyone's participation. The funds we raised tonight will all be used to help children with leukemia! Thank you,everyone! Thank you!"

Following the host's closing speech, there was a weak round of applause.

After that, none of the guests left their seats. Everybody was looking towards a certain direction.

Han Zixuan was not worried. She just stood by and waited. She would love to see how the high and mighty goddess, the most popular female star, would get chased out of the entertainment industry right in front of her!

After the auction ended, before Ning Xi could even stand up, the reporters had already surrounded her as if they were afraid of her running away.

"Ms. Ning Xi, can you answer our questions now?"

"Ning Xi, are you here at the charity night tonight to rebuild your image?"

"Do you still want to stay in the entertainment industry after something like this has happened?"

"You never said anything since this incident happened. Don't you have anything to say to the victim, Ms. Ning Xueluo, and all your fans? Or even towards your rival Ms. Han Zixuan? Your unfair competition is a humiliation to her!"

Ning Xi grinned coldly when she saw all these people criticizing her.

Han Zixuan kept on waiting for Ning Xi to eat her own words. Ning Xi's silence made her feel that she was just faking her serene front.

Han Zixuan narrowed her eyes as wickedness passed right through them. She suddenly spoke up as everyone was unable to get Ning Xi to say something. "Ning Xi, you promised that you'd give everyone an answer after the event. I hope you can keep your promise, and I hope you can apologize to the victim! Since I'm already involved in this matter, I'll definitely see this to the end!"

Han Zixuan did not bother keeping her voice down. Everyone heard her loud and clear.

Her sarcastic tone made a lot of people nod in agreement. "That's right. She's one of the top artistes in the entertainment industry, and she's not giving any comments after committing such things. That's so irresponsible!"

"People like her don't even have basic moral principles. Do you still expect her to be responsible?"

"So what if she's good at acting? Her character is the worst. She's just way too lowly compared to Han Zixuan!"

"I can only say that she just disguised herself well. Now that her disguise is finally revealed, she's become shameless!"

"Even if she can't survive in the entertainment industry, she can still go and steal the position of the head lady of the Su family!"

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