Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2018

"Dang, she's still pretending right now! She's really broken the record of my bottom line!"

"Shameless people are unrivaled! Earlier, I was still speaking good things about her, saying that she was defending justice! I was really blinded! Han Zixuan, get lost from the entertainment industry!"

"Han Zixuan, get lost from the entertainment industry!"


Previously, the degree of perfection Han Zixuan had pretended to be was the same extent to which the crowd was angry and shocked right now.

Every sentence of sneers and mockings, plus the shouting hoots for her to get lost from the entertainment industry, and all those microphones and flashing lights crazily shoved at her were amplified.

Han Zixuan's hair was a mess. Her delicate makeup was smudged, her elegant gown was wrinkled from being squashed, and even one of her heels had come off. All the while, she kept repeating the words, "not me, not me".

"Don't shove! Don't shove anymore! Security! Where's security?! If you guys are like this, I'll have to call the police... Ahh..." Zheng Anru was hit on the head by someone with a bottle of mineral water, and she shrieked.

The entire scene was chaotic.

It was the age of internet. Unlike before, when huge news broke out, one would need to wait till the second day when the public would know after newsrooms worked overtime to publish them in the papers.

Everything that just happened then was posted online right away by all the media present. They had even done alive stream of the whole process.

All the earlier incidents from Han Zixuan and Yi Xudong's wild video on-screen, and the scene of Han Zixuan looking disheveled upon being chased down by everyone had very quickly spread to every corner of the entire Internet, causing a huge ruckus!

At the Su residence, inside the luxurious bedroom.

Ning Xueluo's darkened face was reflected off the laptop's dim light, and her eyes were filled with menace.

"Useless thing!"

She had already handed the knife over to Han Zixuan, yet she could still mess things up. Ning Xi had gotten such an important handle against her, but she did not even know about this. Useless person!

At this moment, Ning Xueluo's phone suddenly rang. The screen showed it was Zheng Anru.

Ning Xueluo looked at it from the corner of her eye, then she immediately rejected the call without hesitation.

With such a video released, Han Zixuan was definitely done for this time.

There was no point keeping such a useless person like this.She had already achieved her goals anyway.

Ning Xueluo took a deep breath before she picked up her phone and made a call. She said with an extremely annoyed tone, "Am I paying you to be a spectator? Don't forget your mission today! No matter what happens, you can't let Ning Xi expose this!"

"Yes, yes, CEO Ning. Don't worry, Ning Xi won't be able to run away, just watch!"

"It'd better be that way!"


At the venue of the charity banquet.

When Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru were chased by everyone, suddenly a voice piped up from the crowd. "Huh, what a dogfight! Ning Xi, is this the explanation that you promised to give us?Even if Han Zixuan murdered and commited arson, what does that have to do with you? Could that still change the fact that you seduced Su Yan and coerced Ning Xueluo, a pregnant woman?"

Once the tall reporter reminded them of that, the crowd who felt indignant at the injustice suddenly turned their attention to Ning Xi who was leaning back in her seat.

"Exactly! What are you trying to do? Distract us? Fool us like idiots?"

"Such people aren't worth pitying. She deserves to be have her fans and resources stolen by Han Zixuan!"

"I think she's even more malicious than Han Zixuan. She won't even let go of a pregnant woman. When she was found out, she didn't apologize or give the public an explanation. Instead, she rushed to pull someone else down. This girl is really astonishing!"

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