Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2019

The tall reporter yelled, "Ning Xueluo is really unlucky. She was innocently caught in between the matters of these two witches!"

Many people agreed with him. "I'm getting more and more disappointed in this industry. The innocent, kind-hearted people are being chased away, but the cunning, shameless people still survived!"

"Get lost from the entertainment industry!"

The artistes were yelling inside the hall, and all the exits were blocked. The reporters were condemning them while surrounding both Ning Xi and Xu Tao.

Amidst the chaotic situation, Yin Youyou carefully hid herself within the raging crowd.

Everything went on ever so smoothly as she expected. Her body was trembling in excitement.

It was over

Han Zixuan was over

Ning Xi was over

She never had to be wary of Han Zixuan anymore. She need not be so desperate for those scarce resources anymore as the top resources would be made available for her soon. She might even be able to take Ning Xi's place in "Assassin". Without Ning Xi and Han Zixuan, she would be the one left with the most popularity.

She could not wait for all this to end and to look for Xu Tao afterwards. She even started to plan her future career.

As for Han Zixuan, while the reporters were surrounding Ning Xi, she hid at the back with her messy hair. She stared at Ning Xi directly and suddenly laughed with a crazed expression.

"Ha... Haha... Ning Xi... Why is it you can do it but not me? How is your worth more than mine? You seduced someone with a wife to promote yourself, so why are you acting right now? Even if I were to fall, you're not going to stand that tall!You'll die with me together... Haha"

Things went out of control inside the room as the bystanders took out their phones and started streaming it live. The reporters' professional cameras also streamed the live situation to the media and streaming sites.

All the related websites were filled up instantly.

Apart from the reporters on scene, the chat room on the streaming sites were filled with curses and insults as well.

Under such an intense amount of pressure, Han Zixuan was already a mess and seemed mentally unstable.

Ning Xi was still in her long black gown. Along with her dark, silky hair, his eyes were not shaken at all. She had been sitting elegantly where she was all along.

The tall reporter was cheeky when he saw Ning Xi feign calmness. He became even angrier and yelled, "As reporters, we have to find out the truth for the public. We're here to speak for the weak, it's our responsibility!This matter isn't going to be wiped away! You're not going to divert our attention, Ning Xi! If you don't give us an satisfactory answer today, there'll be no end to this!"

His words ignited the wrath in many others. "Right! There'll be no end to this! Ning Xi! Apologize to the public! To the innocent victim!"

"Apologize! Apologize!"

The tall reporter continued, "If apologies are effective, what are the police useful for?! Not only is she going to apologize publicly, she deserves to be banned forever!"

As the tall reporter was getting all fired up, Ning Xi's cold gaze met his eyes.

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