Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2021

"However, it was only later that I understood that all along, I've been worrying about Xueluo, yet I never thought about how you felt. You left your hometown for me, but in the end, I abandoned you..."

Su Yan continued to repent for what he did, and apologized to Ning Xi. He also said that he did not want to lie to himself anymore.

Everyone was shocked after hearing the conversation.

Oh God!

Could Ning Xi be Su Yan's initial partner, but halfway through he had abandoned Ning Xi to be with Ning Xueluo, at the same time forcing Ning Xi to leave the country?

And now, Su Yan regretted and wanted Ning Xi back, but from the tone of Ning Xi's voice, it was obvious that she did not want to see him, so he had to use her brother to see Ning Xi.

The said wife was initially the mistress, and the misunderstood mistress was the girlfriend at first!

What a twist! Everyone was taken aback.

The video continued. "I know that in my current situation, I don't have the right to say these things to you, and I definitely don't mean to dishonor you. I will... return to being a free man..."

In the end, Ning Xi's emotionless voice under the moonlight came through the speakers.

"Su Yan, sometimes, things are like a jacket in the summer or a fan in the winter. Also, the heart changes after a person has given up."

No one said a thing. It was a dead silent.

The reporters from earlier had their eyes and mouth wide open as their faces went pale and they could not say anything, especially the tall reporter who insisted on Ning Xi apologizing to Ning Xueluo. His expression right then was horrible.

"How... How did it turn out like this?"

"Leave me alone, my brain is confused!"

Everyone just looked at each other.

Someone suddenly spoke up, "What's there to be confused about? Su Yan made it clear. He was in a relationship with Ning Xi. She went there because of him, and then Su Yan met Ning Xueleo. Because Ning Xueluo acted pitiful in front of him, Su Yan had sex with her and betrayed Ning Xi, so Ning Xi went overseas out of heartbreak and came back several years later to start her life over in the entertainment industry"

"Damn! This couple is inhumane! Especially Ning Xueluo, not only did she steal Ning Xi's parents, she even took away the boyfriend, forcing Ning Xi to be alone while being away from her hometown.

"And after Ning Xi came back recovered and wanted to start her life over again, Ning Xueluo has been pressuring her in all sorts of ways. She had to take on all the small and minor roles for one whole year even when she had such excellent acting and high potential. In the end, Ning Xueluo even accused her of hurting others and got Starlight to ban Ning Xi. Fortunately, Glory World helped her and she started to get better after she went over.

"Not only that, Ning Xi put in so much effort to reach where she is today. She was even at death's door, whereas Ning Xueluo used the Ning family's name and Ning Xi's man to turn herself from a chicken into a phoenix, from a mistress into the wife!

"She has everything now, but still didn't want to let Ning Xi go. She misinformed Han Zixuan and said that Ning Xi doesn't want to let go of Su Yan, almost making everyone misunderstand Ning Xi!"

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