Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2023

"I will be with Glory World through thick and thin."

Just a short sentence had surged a sensation in everyone's hearts.

In fact, this sentence meant that she rejected Su Yan and that she definitely would not get together with him.

On the live stream sites, a torrent of comments surged.

"My Bro Xi is so cool!"

"Through thick and thin! Nice one! Bro Xi is such a boss!"

"She kept being slandered, and still she has never been defeated!"

"I don't regret in this lifetime. I only love Bro Xi!"


As for Xu Tao who was beside Ning Xi, when he heard his queen's words, he was so moved that he almost cried.

At this moment, a certain koi fish who was watching the livestream was about to bawl too.

He had automatically replaced Ning Xi's two words "Glory World" with his brother's name in his head. In the end, he was served with this public display of affection.

In life, she was her brother's woman. In death, she would still be her brother's ghost and what not! Oh!

After Ning Xi finished, she nodded slightly to the crowd and then got up to leave.

Everyone automatically opened up a path and their eyes followed this girl who would forever only show her strong side to everyone no matter when and no matter how much suffering and slander she encountered.

What kind of man would be compatible with such a girl?

Amidst the crowd, Han Zixuan stood with a blank expression as she collapsed to the ground. She never would have expected that the truth would be like this.

The only person consigned to eternal damnation was her.

From now on, Ning Xi would be an existence that she could never reach and could only look up at.

Hiding in the corner, Yin Youyou who felt victory within her grasp was dumbfounded too. She turned pale and looked on in disbelief.

How could this be!? How could this be!?

Did Xu Tao not say that they did not even have a solution to help Ning Xi clear herself of the matter?

How could it have turned out like this in the end?

Even though Han Zixuan was done for, not only was Ning Xi not chased out of the entertainment industry but from then onwards, her popularity would be boosted even more!

As for her, what was she supposed to do now?

Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru would definitely have guessed that it was her, and Starlight definitely would not let her go!


In the car park, Xu Tao rushed excitedly towards Liang Feixing who had been in the company car, watching everything from a distance. "Liang Zi, did you hear that earlier?! Did you hear that?! The queen said she wants to go through thick and thin with me!"

Liang Feixing's mouth twitched and he pushed him away with a slap.

Brother, you think too much!

Lady Boss's words earlier were clearly meant for the Boss, dude!

Xu Tao did not care that he was slapped away. He was still elated and immersed in his happiness. "This time, we'll have to thank those paparazzi because if it weren't for them being such busybodies and trying to get blackmail material on Ning Xi, they wouldn't have gotten this recording!"

These paparazzi had been stalking Ning Xi at Imperial University then and they recorded Ning Xi and Su Yan's conversation, but they were discovered in time by Ning Xi's bodyguards who managed to get the recording from them.

They never would have thought that this thing would come in handy like this in the end.

Ning Xi had always hated mixing her personal matters with work. However, this one time, it implicated the entire Glory World's reputation, thus she did not hesitate using this recording.

"Be careful, my queen!" Xu Tao kindly helped Ning Xi to open the car door.

As he was about to get into the car, footsteps rushed up from behind.

"Bro Tao! Wait up!"

The person who rushed after them between pants was Yin Youyou.

Xu Tao raised his brows slightly. "Ah Youyou, looking for me?"

Yin Youyou's eyes were filled with anger, but at the moment, she could only suppress it. "Bro Tao, there's something I need to talk to you about."

"Sure!" Xu Tao simply agreed, then he told Ning Xi and Liang Feixing to leave first.

Ning Xi looked outside the car window and she frowned slightly.

Liang Feixing started to drive off without minding them. "Lady Boss, don't worry. Yin Youyou is no match for that fox, Xu Tao!"

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