Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2025

Xu Tao leaned back on his chair as he rested an arm on the armrest and laughed. "I was just having a bad mood the other day. I had no idea you'd have thought so much about it. I really didn't expect you to have something so huge on Han Zixuan and to even send it to me! Ah, why are you so silly, Youyou? Didn't you know that if this thing came out, you'd be over?"

Nonsense! Of course, she knew!

She thought that Ning Xi would be over this time and that Xu Tao had promised her he would take her back into Glory World!

At this moment, Yin Youyou finally realized she had been following Xu Tao's plan. She had fallen into the trap of this cunning old fox.

Yin Youyou was frustrated. "Xu Tao, if I'm banned, you don't ever have to bother working in this industry anymore. If Glory World or Ning Xi knew you met with me, an artiste from Starlight, under those circumstances, and even tried to scout me over, what would they think?"

Xu Tao shook his head with a painful expression. "Ah, I can't believe girls nowadays are so sly. Why are you like this? Oh right, I forgot to tell you that, the other day when I was talking with you, I recorded our conversation."

Xu Tao then took out his phone and played the audio file.

The voices of their conversation started playing...

Yin Youyou listened from the beginning to the end as her face turned pale.

That bastard Xu Tao, he did not leave a single hint or evidence at all. All along, he used a reminiscing tone as if he was worried about her.

If this audio was leaked, not only it would not cause Xu Tao any harm, it would become the biggest evidence that she had sent Han Zixuan's video to Xu Tao.

Yin Youyou sat back down on the chair behind her. "Xu Tao, you're taking revenge on me"

Xu Tao laughed. "Haha, you're not that important for me to put in this much effort."

He was just doing it for his queen.

Yin Youyou started sobbing when she remembered how Xu Tao used to put in a lot of effort for her too.

"Bro Tao, I'm wrong... I know it's my fault... I was blinded and cheated... Starlight told me that they'd let me and Han Zixuan be at the same position... Starlight would never let me get away this time... Please save me"

Xu Tao did not say anything. He took a final look at the girl whom he had brought into the path of stardomand then left.

In a meeting room at Starlight Entertainment.

Wang Haojun's expression was dark like thunderclouds as he slammed the table. "Yin Youyou, are you the one who sent Xu Tao those videos?"

"I gave it to them. What about it?"

Everyone thought Yin Youyou would deny it, but unexpectedly, Yin Youyou did not give any excuses and admitted to it.

"Witch!" Han Zixuan went up to her and slapped Yin Youyou's face.

Yin Youyou felt the stinging on her face, reminding her of all the times when she was bullied by Han Zixuan and the despair she experienced after she handed the videos over to Xu Tao.

She had nothing left

Absolutely nothing

If Han Zixuan had not been such a bully, she would not have had to go this far!

After several seconds of silence, Yin Youyou looked back up and raised her arm, returning a slap.

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