Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2030

At this moment, the two mean bodyguards stepped aside, and a fat woman dressed in elegant clothing walked from behind. Her gaze skimmed Han Zixuan like a blade. "Are you Han Zixuan?"

When she saw that the person who had come was Yi Xudong's wife, Jiang Manli, Han Zixuan's first reaction was to turn around and flee.

However, she had only managed to take a step before her hair was yanked on and she was immediately dragged right back. She was ruthlessly flung to the ground. "Slut, still want to run?"

Jiang Manli was strong. With a jerk of her fleshy hand, her scalp was almost torn apart

From above, she looked at the woman who fell to the ground. Observing how she was gorgeously dressed and how slim her waist was, she thought about those unsightly scenes in the video and about her conversation with Yi Xudong. The two b*tches had actually called her a disgusting fat woman!

Jiang Manli's expression turned extremely brutal. "Slut, you like to take off your clothes, don't you? I'll let you take it all off! Take off this witch's clothes! Let everyone see her slutty ways!"

When the bodyguards received the orders, they instantly rushed up to her savagely.

"Ah! Don't! Go away! Go away! What are you guys trying to do?" Han Zixuan screeched her head off in fear and held her clothes down.

She had always been set up high on a pedestal in the public's eyes. She had always been a goddess who could only be seen from afar and not disrespectfully messed with. When had she ever been humiliated like this before?

The bodyguards did not have compassion for her. When they saw her resisting, they immediately slapped her in the face.

She had worn very light clothing today. That material could not withstand the tugs and very quickly it started to be torn apart, becoming fragments that hung on her.

It was lunch time then and people came and went to the plaza. Passerbys stopped walking one by one.

"Wow! What's happening?"

"It's probably the first wife hitting the mistress!"

The commotion was enough to attract a huge crowd of spectators. When the bodyguard slapped the shades off from Han Zixuan's face...

When they saw Han Zixuan's face, there were suddenly huge gasps from the crowd.

"Whoa! Isn't that Han Zixuan?"

"Dang! Oh my God! It really is! That's Han Zixuan!"

"That fat lady looks like Yi Xudong's wife!"

"Bloody hell, this is so shocking! Quickly record a video! Record a video!"

"Argh!!! Help... Help me... Help... Help me call the police... Ahh..."

Everyone around was taking pictures and recording videos. They watched on eagerly and no one stepped in.

They loved watching scandals like a wife tearing the mistress apartwas. It was lucky for Han Zixuan that they did not join in. They would not be meddling in other people's business.

"Slut, who gave you the courage? You dare to mess with my man, I'll mess with you to death today!" Jiang Manli said that as she suddenly pulled someone out from the corner. "What? Seeing your little lover being so pitiful, do you feel sorry for her?"

Yi Xudong broke out in cold sweat on the forehead. "My wife, I'm wrong! How could I feel sorry for a woman like this who sleeps with anyone? Back then... Back then, I was drugged by her. I wasn't willing! I was forced! My wife, please trust me! Don't you know how I feel about you? How could I fancy a prostitute like her!"

When Han Zixuan saw Yi Xudong appear, a sliver of hope appeared. At that moment, when she watched this man speak shamelessly, she was stupefied.

"Yi Xudong, are you still a man!?"

How had she not seen back then that this man was a spineless coward who was afraid of his wife to such an extent?

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