Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2037

Two days later, Lorraine Fashion Week officially started.

The gathering of stars and world-famous designers was not just a moment longed by fashion hobbyist and models. It was also the best time for new designers to carve their name in the international fashion industry.

At the moment, the entertainment sections of the Chinese newspaperswere filled with news about the Lorraine Fashion Week. It was either about a certain celebrity being invited or how gorgeous a certain person looked at the show.

Many celebrities posted photos of them appearing at the event on their social media accounts.

Actually, being an international fashion show, guests had to have received invitations from renowned brands or investors.

During the fashion week, 40% of the invitations would be given to top fashion media; 30% for famous fashionistas and buyers; 10% for special guests; 10% for top clients; and the last 10% was kept for special reservations.

In other words, celebrities from the entertainment industry represented only 10% of all the guests, and most of them would not be placed in the front seats.

Where you sat symbolized your position in the fashion industry. Everyone who sat in the first row would be the most valued guests.

Many people who posted photos and seemed like they were invited, but in actual fact, they did not even have a seat there. They paid their way there and just hung around the entrance to take some photos, deceiving people who were not familiar with the regulations.

The official venue was the Lorraine Palace.

On the ceiling of the palace were crystal lights which lit up the venue like stars of galaxies. The plain hall was modified and formed a T-shaped stage. On either side of the stage were the guests.

Celebrities who were invited put in effort in their outward appearances and strutted the red carpet elegantly. They flaunted their assets and presented their best selves to the cameras, then they proceeded to their seats.

International fashion shows did not use to be publicized, but with the normalcy of live streaming, everyone could see what was happening in their homes.

A certain popular site in China received an exclusive right to live stream the whole event. Everyone was looking at it as they were impressed by the appearance of internationally well-known celebrities one after another, commenting on their appearances and clothing.

"Oh! I saw my idol, Orlando. He's so handsome! His floral shirt is so flirty!"

"Damn, what is Xu Jiaojiao wearing? Did she just put on a blanket and walk out? How weird!"

"Everyone's giving their all just for a bit more of attention!"

"Did I just see Ning Xueluo? Didn't she leave the entertainment industry a long time ago? She's sitting in the first row! I think in the whole of China, only Song Lin has the right to be in the first row. She's the Chinese representative in LA! However, she's already half-retired and she's not even attending the event this time!"

"Ning Xi's position should be worthy too! Unfortunately, Ning Xi's never endorsed any clothing brand. Could it be that she's not invited?"

"Aside from guests, the first row of seats are reserved for people within the industry. While Ning Xueluo's not an artiste anymore, she's the founder of History!"

"No wonder!"

Under the envious gaze of Chinese actresses at the scene, Ning Xueluo wore a History dress made for pregnant women and also donned Winston jewelry. She slowly sat down on her designated seat.

So what if she left the entertainment industry?

She never cared about the circle which was a class lower anyway.

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