Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2043

The journalist continued with the questions. "If what you said is real, why didn't you say it before, and do you have proof that David stole the design drafts from you?"

"No," replied Gong Shangze.


The people at the scene were speechless.

Scoldings and criticisms almost flooded the server of the streaming site.

"Gosh! Idiot! A real idiot!"

"It's plagiarism because you said it. It's stealing because you said it. It's yours because you said it's yours. Can your father become mine just because I said so?"

"He doesn't have to accuse him like that when he's just jealous, does he?"

"How did this tiny brand get selected? How shameful!"

David scoffed and laughed coldly when he saw the crowd's reaction. He was extremely thrilled.

He really had to thank this guy for ending himself. He had no more troubles to worry in the future anymore.

"Director David, what do you have to say about Mr. Gong's accusation?" The journalists asked David.

David sighed with a painful expression, then he looked at Gong Shangze and said, "Director Gong, it isn't the first time people have talked about you imitating my style, but as Chinese designers who have similar styles, I respect your effort to promote Chinese culture and have never said anything about it, yet now you turn the facts around and attack me like this. Why are you doing this?"

David's words directed the unhappy emotions all towards Gong Shangze.

Even the officials could not just stay still anymore.

The president of the Lorraine Fashion Society, who was a respectable senior within the industry, Akas, spoke up, "Mr. Gong, as far as I know, each and every draft of David was trademarked and there's no way they are fake. It's impossible that he stole and plagiarized other people's work unless you have proof."

Gong Shangze remained silent and did not say a thing.

David had robbed everything from him: design drafts, computers, and the pen name that they shared. After all, David was the one who worked on trademarking at that time.

Even if he were to redraw the drafts again, David had trademarked them, so he would be accused of stealing David's design.

Akas's expression became sterner when he saw Gong Shangze's expression. He warned, "You might be unhappy with History always being above you, or you could be angry that people are criticizing you of plagiarizing History's design.

"However, you're accusing another person of a serious offense under such circumstances. Do you know what the consequences are? If you can't give me an acceptable excuse, we will remove Spirit's participation right away. You'll also be blacklisted in the industry!"

"What if I can prove what I said is real?" Facing the criticisms from the officials and insults from everybody, the young man was not shaken at all.

Akas was taken aback by those determined eyes. He then said, "If you can prove that what you said is real, I'll give you a fair judgment on behalf of the society."

"Okay." Gong Shangze nodded.

David stood there casually. He did not seem worried at all.

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