Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2044

He knew all about the inspiration and creation process behind all the design drafts. He knew nearly as much as Gong Shangze. If he were to prove it this way, he might be being too naive.

Gong Shangze looked at the models wearing "Rainbow Feathers", then helooked back at David. "Before I prove myself, I'd like to ask Director David a question."

"Sure, go ahead."

"These six sets of clothing used a lot of traditional Chinese techniques. The embroidery is especially excellent. I heard all the embroidery was done by you personally. Is it true?" Gong Shangze asked coldly.

David raised his eyebrows.

Haha, this guy was laying a trap right here!

David then said, "That's right, it's extremely difficult, which is why I did it personally. If you don't believe me, I can prove it to you right now."

Gong Shangze, do you think I can really stay in this industry without knowing some tricks?

Some people within the industry started discussing when they heard Gong Shangze's question.

"Does Gong Shangze think David didn't create these clothing himself?"

"Gong Shangze is going to fail. David is really good at embroidery, especially Su embroidery. Su embroidery technique was applied to these garments."

"Moreover, even if he proved David wasn't the one who made these clothing, he can't prove that he didn't design them, can he?"

Gong Shangze ignored the whisperings around him. He replied, "No, it's alright."

Listening to the discussion, David smiled gently. "It's okay. It's normal to have some doubts here."

David then looked at the clothing and said in reminiscence, "The Chinese fashion culture is deep and wide. The techniques are a cut above the rest. It's always been my dream to bring our culture onto an international stage, which is why, aside from design, I've involved myself in researching on handcrafts. Creating an item based on a design from paper is a very meaningful process to me!"

"While good designers do not necessarily have to be a good tailor, a designer with knowledge of the craft would help to deepen the understanding of fashion design."

David's words were well-received by his colleagues.

Gong Shangze had remained silent from the beginning until now.

When David finished his words, the young man moved and walked slowly towards the center of the T-shaped stage.

The sharp gazes of strangers were focusing on his back. The socially-anxious young man took each step as if he was going through a path of icy blades. However, he knew that he could not stop or turn around.

Someone was looking at him.

Everyone looked at him oddly when he went up on stage.

People were starting to get impatient.

"What is he doing now?"

"A good international show has now been ruined by this clown!"

"Someone should've chased him out just now!"

More and more voices of dissatisfaction came from the crowd. Gong Shangze went beside a model who was wearing the "Rainbow Feathers".

His white fingers slowly folded the extra large sleeve up and he turned the sleeve inside out.

The next moment, the young man looked at David with his sharp eyes.

"Then, here's my second question. I'd like to know why did you embroider my name on your own work?"

"What?" David's expression changed.

High-definition cameras closed in.

On the large screen at the back was the inside of the sleeve. There were clearly three Chinese characters embroidered: Gong Shangze!

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