Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2053

"Spirit! Spirit! Spirit!"

"Gong Shangze spoke so well!"

"This is the kind of design that should be representing China on the international stage!"

"Counterfeits will be counterfeits! We'll see what that thief, David, has to say now!"

"Speaking of which, which blind boss was the one who collaborated with David back then and invested in History?!"

When this topic was mentioned, many people started to comment, "Who else could it be?! It's Ning Xueluo, that fake heiress! Previously, I almost turned into her fan!"


Spirit's show was the finale.

After the show finished, the reporters swarmed over to interview Gong Shangze, while another huge group of reporters immediately blocked Ning Xueluo.

Ning Xueluo did not want to stay for even a moment longer. Initially, she wanted to leave once the show ended, but the reporters would not let her go. Before she could get up, she was already surrounded.

"Miss Ning! The chief designer ofHistory is actually a thief who steals other people's work. What do you have to say about this?"

"David's work for the whole year has been nothing but secret purchases of other designers' designs while pretending they were his. Did you know nothing about this?"

"Back then, when you and David collaborated to start History, did you not first get to know the other person's character?"

"As History's CEO, your company is now involved in such a scandal now and has even affected the reputation of entire China. Is there anything you have to say to everyone about this matter?"


One after another question came, and they sounded worse than before. Ning Xueluo really wanted to strangle David to death at this point.

This Lorraine Fashion Week should have been her proudest moment. It should have been History's time to shine. With the breathtaking effect of the Rainbow Feathers outfit, after Fashion Week, History's entire scale would have expanded tremendously and their international market would have widened even more.

She was even prepared to increase the number and scale of their flagship stores overseas when she returned to China. When that happened, History would have been China's number one fashion brand, while she would be this brand's worthy founder!

However, now, it was ruined. It was all ruined!

Ning Xueluo was overwhelmed with bubbling fury. She was so angry that she could go mad.

She had used up all of her might to restrain and suppress herself. She took a deep breath and said, "Setting up a fashion company with an Oriental style has always been my plan. I've prepared for that for a long time and I've been looking for a suitable designer.

"Back then, the reason I chose to collaborate with David was that I was simplyattracted to his designs. Mr. Gong Shangze's designs were incredibly beautiful and soulful. I immediately realized that these designs would definitely be popular, and could definitely turn fashion with unique Chinese characteristics to become widely accepted by the world, and that fact was proven after our success.

"However, I never could have imagined that all of David's designs were stolen from Mr. Gong because, at that time, David could provide proof that all his design drafts were his original work, so I knew nothing about it at all. I was only excited about his talent for designing and wanted to help him achieve his dreams.

"Of course, as the founder of History, I was poor at judging people. There's no one but me to take the blame for this!

"For this, I would like to sincerely apologize to all those in the industry: guests, fashion hobbyists, and all the lovers of fashion in China!"

As Ning Xueluo said this, she took a deep bow towards the camera, then she looked extremely cross and said, "As for David's poor conduct, History will not be tolerant of it. From this moment onwards, he's no longer a designer at History. Everyone, rest assured! Of course..."

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