Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2054

When she said this, Ning Xueluo's gaze suddenly turned towards Gong Shangze's direction. She appeared sincere as she said, "History welcomes all designers who are truly gifted, talented, and passionate! Personally, I really like and admire Mr. Shangze's work. Now that the truth is revealed, you could even say that back then, I actually built History for Mr. Gong!"

Listening to Ning Xueluo's words, she was actually casting an opportunity to Gong Shangze.

The reporters were instantly excited. "CEO Ning, do you mean that you're interested to invite Mr. Gong Shangze to join History?"

Ning Xueluo nodded. "History has always been devoting our efforts to the Oriental style. Even harder to come by is the fact that History is completely Mr. Gong's style. Our core and soul is Mr. Gong too. If Mr. Gong is willing to join History, we can definitely achieve more glorious success for the Chinese!" Ning Xueluo spoke and was suddenly a little moved.

No matter what, History was still one of the very best listed companies with Chinese style in China, while Spirit was just a little studio. How could they compare to History?

As long as Gong Shangze had the slightest common sense, he should know which to choose.

As long as she poached Gong Shangze over, the scandal this time could just become an old story. History could still make a comeback, and even take it a step further than when David had been around!

When they heard Ning Xueluo, all the reporters turned to Gong Shangze again.

"Mr. Gong, what do you think about History's offer?"

"Now that David has already received his deserving punishment, Director Gong, would you consider joining History?"

"Mr. Gong Shangze..."


The reporters' questions came non-stop while Ning Xueluo's gaze was even more scorching and blatant. Ever since Gong Shangze had walked onto the stage, he had actually been forcing himself to brace it. Now, the truth was revealed and all the issues were resolved. Even Spirit's show was successfully executed too. He finally did not let Ning Xi down!

Suddenly relieved, the strength that he had used to brace himself had finally vanished. He only felt his hands and legs turned cold and his head was buzzing, the entire world seemed to spin.

He could hear what Ning Xueluo had stated, and what those reporters surrounding him had said, yet he did not know what they were talking about...

Just as Gong Shangze finally reached his breaking point, at this moment, suddenly a warm and strong arm that steadily held him up from his shoulders.

That familiar force and air that assured him had suddenly appeared by his side.

"It's Ning Xi!"

Ning Xi had suddenly stood up from her seat and walked to Gong Shangze's side. Suddenly, all the reporters' gazes shifted to this figure that attracted everyone no matter when she appeared.

Everyone had been initially asking Gong Shangze about whether he was interested in joining History, but at this moment when they suddenly saw Ning Xi, they exchanged glances. They did not know why Ning Xi had suddenly walked over at this moment.

Ning Xi stood by Gong Shangze's side, and her clear eyes glittered, slowly landing on Ning Xueluo.

When Ning Xueluo suddenly met Ning Xi's gaze, she felt her heart tighten.

This witch! What was she trying to do now!?

Could she want to hit her when she was down!?

Under everyone's watchful gaze, Ning Xi lowered her eyes and softly laughed. Then, she looked up and said, "CEO Ning... You're poaching my guy right before me. Isn't that too inappropriate?"

At this moment, when he heard Ning Xi's voice, Gong Shangze's muddled head finally cleared up. He looked with shining eyes at the person beside him. "Boss..."

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