Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2056

Qu Guanyang nodded like he expected it.

He could feel that there was a strong story behind the clothes, but he just did not expect it to be much worse than he thought.

"Afterwards, when we were starting out, there were a lot of issues faced by the studio. From registering the name to selecting a place, we hired a professional marketing director, and finally, we got our very first flagship store

"Boss told me that one day, she'd help me clarify in front of the whole world. She also told me that any tricks are useless against true power. Until the day when Spirit is strong enough to speak for itself, people would believe me even if I have no proof! These words have been encouraging me all along"

Suddenly, Gong Shangze's face fell. "Everything was going welluntil that incident happened to Boss"

The crowd then realized that Gong Shangze was talking about the incident whereby Ning Xi had gone into avegetative state for a year.

"Boss isn't only my supervisor. She's also my belief. It's because of her that I found confidence in design and inspiration again. I'm back not because of just myself, but I also want to prove to her that she didn't choose the wrong person. I want to make her proud of me!

"However, during the year of Boss' disappearance, I lost my direction. I thought I was being abandoned again. All the insecurities and uneasiness came back to me, including the loss of my faith. I couldn't design anything at that point of time... until... she came back"

Now, everyone understood what happened.

No wonder

No wonder Gong Shangze had no new work for almost a year. No wonder Spirit released several new series right after Ning Xi returned.

"Back To The Origins". That was exactly Ning Xi's circumstance!

The inspiration behind the series had come from Ning Xi too!

No wonder Ning Xi always looked so glittering when she wore Spirit's clothes. It felt like those clothes had been designed for Ning Xi exclusively!

Of course! Ning Xi was his source of inspiration after all!

Gong Shangze's words surprised everyone. At the same time, everyone's hatred towards David grew even more.

The people who had almost been brainwashed by Ning Xueluo just now woke up too.

This woman was allowing David to do whatever he wanted, yet she could still turn the truth around and shamelessly say that History was made for Gong Shangze.

History was the one who had left him in despair, almost ruining such a talented designer!

The audience back in China started spamming the chat rooms after hearing Gong Shangze's story.

"As expected of Bro Xi!"

"Unique taste, accurate sense!"

"This story is really lovely. I almost cried when I listened to Gong Shangze! It's so touching!"

"They aren't just boss and employee. They are the best partners!"

As people were admiring the Ning Xi-Gong Shangze combination, they were outraged at Ning Xueluo.

"Damn! Ning Xueluo is really shameless! She even tried to take Gong Shangze for herself!"

"Not only did Ning Xueluo take Ning Xi's parents and boyfriend, now her subordinate has stolen her design drafts too! Like owner, like dog!"

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