Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2057

Soon, the news of Lorraine Fashion Week spread back into the country.

The sickening news of the lead designer ofHistory leaked out. He was blacklisted by the International Fashion Society on the spot. Having put on an amazing show, all the media covered the story of Spirit and people within the fashion industry were impressed.

Suddenly, Spirit became the new favorite of the fashion industry. Orders came in like waves.

As for History, the negative news shook them up. Their shares plummeted the next day, and all their partners canceled their contracts. Ning Xueluo went back overnight and tried to do something about it, but it was futile

At a certain famous filming spot inLos Angeles.

"Assassin" was finally finished.

With the final passing order from the director, all the crew members cheered and hugged each other, preparing for their farewell.

Ning Xi was still feeling melancholic about finishing "Assassin" and bidding farewell to the otherswhen she heard a goosebump-inducing voice behind her.

"Hi! My dear Xi Xi! You're finally done! Congratulations!"

"Thank you, Senior Orlando!" Ning Xi wanted to avoid him, but it was too late.

Orlando went over and blocked her way at the entrance. His glittering eyes stared at her intently. "My dear, so you'll be free tonight then?"

Ning Xi pinched the space between her eyebrows. "Well, I have dinner with everyone tonight."

Orlando looked disappointed. "Oh, that's too bad. What about tomorrow? Is tomorrow alright?"

Ning Xi was troubled. "Sorry, I'm going out with Lilian tomorrow."

"The day after tomorrow?" Orlando was persistent.

"Uhh" Ning Xi was having a headache just listening to him.

Recently, there had been news that "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" was going to air soon. In addition to her being in Los Angeles lately, Director Martin had invited her over for some meetings, so it was inevitable that she would meet Orlando.

Ever since Orlando had accidentally shot her a year ago, he had been trying to contact her, but he was not aware that Ning Xi had been unconscious for a year. She only found out some time after she woke up that he had been sending her a mountain of apology emails.

After they met each other again, Orlando treated her to a meal and apologized again.

The truth behind the swap of the gun was revealed, and of course, Ning Xi did not mind since it was not Orlando's fault.

Things should have ended there. However, Orlando the Casanova was fixated on her. Ever since that day, he had been waiting for her outside her hotel. Now, he even went to the filming location.

Since she would have to work with Orlando in the promotion for "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad", Ning Xi could not be too mean to him. Then again, Orlando was too insensitive to realize Ning Xi's true intention after several rejections.

Ning Xi almost broke down as she was facing the longing eyes of this man being known as the "Little Elf".

This guy was really torturing

As Ning Xi was figuring out an excuse to reject Orlando's invitation, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her.

"I've been looking for you. Why are you here alone?"

Jiang Muye had long, black hair up until his waist with a pair of crystal-clear eyes and cherry lips.Dressed in a black suit, tight black pants, and Doc Marten boots, he spoke impatiently as he was scowling at Ning Xi and Orlando beside her.

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