Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2058

If it had been in China, a woman at Jiang Muye's height that was above 1.8 meters would be overwhelming.

However, in America, there were many women this tall among the commoners. Many of those goddess-level supermodels in the industry were this tall too. In fact, those supermodels with pixie-like features were all flat-chested.

Jiang Muye's female outfit did not deliberately fill in anything in the chest area. It was his natural figure. He only did some slimming down and lost some weight. The effect was unexpectedly impressive, brilliantlyembodying a beauty that was hard to distinguish between male or female.

At this moment, Orlando obstructed the door while Ning Xi looked helpless. Jiang Muye's brows instantly shot up as his arrogant gaze shot a flash of hostility towards Orlando. However, it was only for a split second before he retrieved his gaze. He looked at Ning Xi and said, "The Director's calling for you!"

"Oh, oh, oh! I'll go right away! Senior Orlando, I'll go to work first. We'll talk another day!" As if Ning Xi had received a general pardon, she quickly sped off with Jiang Muye.

When they were slightly further away, Jiang Muye warned Ning Xi unhappily, "Stay further away from that guy! That's guy's infamous in the circle for being a playboy!"

When Ning Xi heard him, her mouth instantly twitched as she mumbled, "I never thought I'd see the day I would hear such things from you..."

After all, a certain someone had been one of those infamous playboys!

"I'm being serious right now. Did you hear me? This guy likes to provoke Chinese artistes the most! He's definitely up to no good!" Jiang Muye shot her a look.

Ning Xi nodded profusely. "I got it, I got it. I'll be going back in a few more days anyway. I just have to evade him for these next few days!"

Ning Xi then stared at Jiang Muye as she covered her chest and pretended like her heart was racing. "Baby, don't stare at me like that! You're too seductive!"

"Ning Xiao Xi, f*ck off! I dare you to say that again!" A certain blondie who was being teased instantly exploded.

"Oh my, my, the way you look when you're angry is even cuter!"

"Ning Xiao Xi! Don't you dare run!" Jiang Muye was so mad that he chased after her when he suddenly felt a scorching gaze on him, yet when he turned around, he did not see anyone, so he just suspiciously retrieved his gaze.


When everything with the filming crew was wrapped up, Ning Xi packed her stuff and started to walk out.

She had just reached the carpark when she saw Orlando whom she thought had left. In fact, it seemed like he had been waiting for her for a long time.

Ning Xi was about to break down inside.

"Uhh, Senior Orlando, the day after tomorrow..."

"Xi Xi!" Before Ning Xi could speak, Orlando suddenly pulled Ning Xi's hands and he seemed so elated as if he had managed to get all the girls in the world.

"Uhh, what's up?" Ning Xi was a little frightened by Orlando's expression.

"Earlier, that black rose! Who was that black rose!?"

"Huh? Black rose?"

What the heck!?

Ning Xi was confused.

"The one earlier with long, black hair and a black jacket with leather pants!" Orlando explained with waving hands as he described excitedly.

"Ah... You mean..."

Could Orlando be talking about Jiang Muye?

"Right, her! Her nose is gorgeous, and her skin is porcelain smooth. Her eyes are especially pretty like they can speak, and her lips are especially suitable for kissing..."

Ning Xi watched the way Orlando spoke as it progressed in a weirder direction. Suddenly, she was confused. Why did she feel like... something was weird?

As she muttered to herself, she heard Orlando say very excitedly, "Xi Xi! I've fallen into the river of love again! I've fallen in love with the black rose!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

What did she just hear?

Her ears were probably blinded...

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