Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2059

This... This guy was saying that he has fallen in love with Jiang Muye!

The instant Orlando finished, Ning Xi stood stunned there like an idiot.

Also, what the heck did he mean by falling into the river of love "again"?

How could someone say such a thing so openly, and before a girl that he had been chasing just a second before!?

Where was his integrity!?

"Xi Xi, she's your friend, isn't she? Can you give me a way to contact her?" Orlando said as he looked a little shy. "Can you? I'm sincere!"

Right! You are sincere! You are sincere to every girl...

Ning Xi was still immersed in the shock that Orlando actually fancied Jiang Muye and did not say anything for a long time.

Orlando thought that Ning Xi was worried and was already coming up with all sorts of excuses to persuade her. "Xi Xi! I swear! I'm really sincere! She's beautiful! Earlier, when I saw her looking at me, her gaze was like lightning!"

What the heck was this lightning-like description?

Earlier, Jiang Muye had been clearly shooting him a look of hostility.

Uhh, to be fair, when Jiang Muye stared at people in his female disguise, it was indeed quite...

That little gaze was filled with an arrogant and unbridled wildness, which definitely could trigger all men's desires to conquer "her".

"I've never seen such a girl before! She's incredibly unique!"

Ning Xi thought to herself, "Of course, you've never seen such a personbeforebecause he isn't even a girl!"

"XiXi, if I can't be with her, I'll definitely rather die than live! My life would have no meaning at all! Like a barren desert! Please, please help me?" Orlando looked like his heart ached terribly as if he was about to die in the next second.

Ning Xi expressed that she was in a tight spot

This time, should she sell Blondie out, or sell Blondie out?

Ning Xi contemplated for three seconds before she quickly nodded. "Okay! This is her handphone number. The number is... Forget it, I'm afraid you can't remember. I'll just write it for you!"

Ning Xi did not hesitate as she quickly jotted Jiang Muye's phone number down at lightning speed and passed it to him.

Orlando clutched that little slip of paper dreamily. "Xi Xi! Thank you! If we get married, you must join our wedding!"

Ning Xi was speechless. She almost puked three liters of blood.

Bloody hell! This was just their first time meeting and he had already thought about marriage?

She never would have thought that Jiang Muye in a female disguise could have such immense charm that even the veteran playboy Orlando was this crazy for him.

Amazing, my blondie!

At this moment, Jiang Muye who was in the changing room suddenly could not stop sneezing. "Hey! Who's cursing me?"


"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Little Junior Sister, you just stabbed your brother in the back with two knives just like that! Is that appropriate?" Tang Lang who was waiting for Ning Xi in the car had just witnessed the scene earlier, and he expressed his amazement.

This time, Tang Lang had gone along as a bodyguard with her to Lorraine. Every time Ning Xi had a shoot, he would follow. Obviously, he had seen Jiang Muye in a female disguise, so earlier when Orlando spoke, he already knew who the black rose Orlando was referring to.

She had finally gotten rid of Orlando, so Ning Xi was in a jovial mood. She beamed. "No! I'm clearly helping out a buddy. Hasn't Blondie been lacking confident about his female disguise? I'm helping him regain confidence right now!"

"I think he doesn't need this kind of things..." Tang Lang tsked with sympathy.

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