Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2067

Zhuang Lingyu was in anguish when she saw Ning Xueluo being so gloomy. "It's alright, Xueluo. Don't be sad anymore. It's just a clothing brand. It's not a big deal even if you lose it! What you should focus on now is to give birth to your child and everything else can start over again!"

Ning Yaohua went along. "Your mother is right. Nothing is more important than your child."

This was her key to stay in the Su family.

With the Su family backing her up, it was just a trivial thing for her to start another company in the future.

As Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua were comforting their daughter, a strange lady who looked like a nanny carefully carried a bowl of soup out from the kitchen. "I see you're back, Madam Zhuang. The tocolysis soup is done. Please drink it while it's still warm!"

Tocolysis soup?

Ning Xueluo was acting like she endured all the humiliation from Ning Xi out of concern for Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua, but her expression went blank for a second when she heard the nanny.

Was she mistaken?

Did the nanny say... tocolysis soup? For Madam Zhuang?

The nanny went ahead and then realized there was someone else besides Zhuang Lingyu. She then exclaimed, "This must be your daughter! As expected, she's as lovely as you are, Madam! I heard that you're pregnant as well. I've made a little extra. Please have some as well!"

Ning Xueluo was stunned. She had no idea what was happening. "Mother, this is"

Zhuang Lingyu did not expect the nanny to come out suddenlyand even meet Ning Xueluo. She unconsciously touched her stomach and her expression seemed a little awkward as she struggled to speak up.

Ning Yaohua seemed stiff as well. He coughed lightly and then said while blushing a little, "Xueluo, this is a nanny we've just hired. She specializes in making food for pregnant ladies. Your mother... She's pregnant"


Ning Yaohua's words struck her like a thunderbolt.

Ning Xueluo realized that her reaction was a little exaggerated, so she calmed herself down and acted surprised. "Father, what did you say? Mother is... pregnant?"

Ning Yaohua held Zhuang Lingyu's hand and said in excitement, "Yes! Well, Xueluo, you know that your mother has been weak which is why we haven't been able to have other children. It's one of our biggest regrets. Actually, in the past year, we've been trying surrogate pregnancy, but it never worked, and just as we were about to give up, your mother became pregnant herself!"

Ning Yaohua could not hide his excitement while Zhuang Lingyu looked really blissful as well.

Ning Xueluo's mind went blank when she heard her father's words. A burning anger took over her heart.

Zhuang Lingyu was pregnant!

At this very moment, Zhuang Lingyu was pregnant!

Ning Yaohua thought Ning Xueluo was just too surprised, hence he did not notice the evil intent from her. He was very much in his own happy little world. "You were busy some time back then, so we didn't really tell you about it! Xueluo, you really are the lucky star of our family. The Ning family is having double joy!"

Double joy!

What a double joy indeed!

Ning Xueluo's internal organs felt like they were burning to the point that she felt pain on the inside.

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