Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2070

At last, a certain Blondie who acted like he had rabies still rushed in.

"Ning Xiao Xi, if you dare, don't hide behind my uncle!"

Ning Xi pouted. "Do you think I'm stupid enough not to hide?"

Then, she started to pry. "Hey, Jiang Muye, what did Orlando do to you to make you this angry?"

Jiang Muye clutched his chest and almost puked blood. "I'm clearly pissed off by you!"

Ning Xi weakly grumbled, "Please, you're a grown ass man! What do you have to be afraid of!? Can he eat you!? The meeting of the two trash must have a victor! I think that based on your skill, you can definitely wipe him out!"

Jiang Muye fumed with rage between gritting his teeth. "Bloody hell, I'll have to thank you for having such confidence in me!"

"Plus, Orlando's far away in America anyway..." Ning Xi attempted a final struggle.

"My ass! The day after tomorrow, 'Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad' will be in theatres. That guy will be in the country for this period of time!" Jiang Muye looked like he was about to break down.

Ning Xi instantly realized something. She patted her chest and lamented as if she had received a new lease on life. "Right! Oh my, thank God, thank God..."

Thank God, Jiang Muye had helped her evade this calamity!

"Ning Xiao Xi!" Jiang Muye was beginning to explode again. This bastard had indeed intentionally made him her shield.

Ning Xi was yelled at until her hair was about to be blown away...

Right at this moment, Lu Tingxiao hugged his wife and said to Jiang Muye, "Your mother called me earlier."

The instant Lu Tingxiao told him that, Jiang Muye became defensive. "What?! My mother! What did my mother say to you?!"

Every time his mother looked for Lu Tingxiao, it would not be a good thing!

Indeed, Jiang Muye was just pondering about that when Lu Tingxiao said, "To discuss with me about your marriage matters."

"What the heck?!" Jiang Muye instantly cursed under his breath. Could his own mother not calm down?

He clearly knew that he was most afraid of his Uncle Lu Tingxiao, so every time, she would use Lu Tingxiao to control him and force him to get married.

"I helped you reject it. Now that you're busy with your career, you don't have to rush to get married."

Jiang Muye initially looked ashen, but when he suddenly heard this he felt like he was illuminated by Buddha. He was so moved that he almost teared up. "Right, right, right! Uncle, you're so right!"

One must know that no matter who it was, saying eight hundred of the same thing to his mother would not be as useful as a single word from Lu Tingxiao.

With Lu Tingxiao's words of wisdom, he would not be forced into marriage for at least the next year!

Jiang Muye carefully considered this deal. He felt like he had not lost out in the deal!

"Hmph, forget it! This time, I'll just be loyal as a friend and help you block him!"

Bloody hell! Back then, he had also been a well-known figure among the playboys. He had seen all sorts of girls without getting entangled with them. He could definitely handle that Orlando!

"Oh, Darling, you're so amazing!"

Jiang Muye felt better when he saw a certain someone already hugging her darling and kissing him.

Please! I am the one being sacrificed and you're the one helping to sacrifice me too!

Bloody hell, forget it...

How sad!

Jiang Muye looked at these two old ones displaying their affection before him and he was so angry that he ground his teeth.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something. Jiang Muye's expression suddenly turned blank.

He was not sure when it had begun.

When he saw the two of them together, he already stopped feeling so bitter and distressed. He just felt like he was seeing them as friends and even relatives.

Huh, Lu Tingxiao's eyes were too sharp too!

He had probably long seen that he had given up on her, which was why he had so kindly helped him reject the marriage setups!

Great, his love rival was abnormal! Heck, the person he liked was even more abnormal. He really could not lose with a temper...


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