Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2072

Just as they were helping Zhuang Lingyu into a car, an accident happened.

A roaring black motorbike rushed right towards their direction from afar.

"Madam, be careful!"

The chauffeur protected Zhuang Lingyu by dragging her aside.

Just as they were about to feel relieved, the bike changed directions and then went towards them again. More specifically the bike went straight towards Zhuang Lingyu!

It was too fast, so Zhuang Lingyu could not avoid it this time.

When the maids and the chauffeur realized what happened, Zhuang Lingyu was already knocked down. She fell unconscious as she lay in her own blood.

The bike had already left before anyone could take a good look at it.

"Ah! Murder... Murder! It's a murder!"


The two maids screamed and the chauffeur was stunned. He ran over quickly after a while. "Madam! Make a call! Call President Ning and Ms. Ning! Hurry!"

The bystanders were shocked as well. They surrounded them and were discussing the accident. Things became messy.

"What happened?"

"Seems like she got hit by a bike!"

"I heard that there are some cases of bike robberies reported lately, but I've not heard of it causing deaths!"

"It looks like she's pregnant! The child is probably done for"

"The accident was really violent. Even the adult might be dead, what more the child"

In the VIP room of the hospital.

The middle-aged woman on the bed was wilting, her face pale white.

Zhuang Lingyu opened her eyes and she felt her body collapsing. Her torso was throbbing with pain signals constantly.

She took a quick glance around the room.

Ning Yaohua, Ning Xueluo, Su Yan, Zheng Minjun, Su Hongguang, as well as the two maids and the chauffeur who had been with her just now were present in the room.

The atmosphere in the room was oddly stifling. Ning Xueluo was sobbing and Ning Yaohua's expression looked terrible. The three people from the Su family seemed indifferent while the two maids and the chauffeur looked pale and were shivering.

"W-What happened to me?" Zhuang Lingyu asked.

She remembered what happened the moment she asked about it. She had just finished shopping and was about to go home, but she was suddenlyhit by a bike and lost consciousness

Zhuang Lingyu was in fear when she saw everyone's expressions and noticed that she was in the hospital. She quickly put her hand on her stomach. "The child? How's my child? Is the child alright?"

Ning Xueluo could not take it anymore. She cried right before Zhuang Lingyu's bed. "Mother! Don't be too sad! It's alright if the child is gone as long as you're fine!"

The child is gone

These four words were like a lightning bolt that struck her. Zhuang Lingyu almost fainted. "Xueluo, what did you say just now?! What did you say?! The child is gone! How can the child be gone?!"

Ning Yaohua's eyes were red and his body was shaking. Apparently, he was furious. He turned around and kicked the chauffeur. "Bastard! How are you guys taking care of Madam?! How could she get hit by a bike while shopping?!"

Gone! His son was gone!

The son he had been looking forward to, his successor, was gone just like that!

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