Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2073

His biggest regret in his life was not having a son, then he finally had one, and it was even Zhuang Lingyu who had gotten pregnant.

Once the child was born, he would become the legitimate successor. The shareholders who questioned Ning Xueluo's identity would have nothing to say this time, and he even planned to use this child to get closer to the Zhuang family.

However, now everything was done for!

Ning Yaohua almost went berserk when he heard the news!

With such a big incident as the Madam's child gone, the two maids quivered. They were too scared to say anything.

President Ning and Madam had been very concerned about this child. They were going to be dead!

The chauffeur's expression was as pale as a sheet. He still had blood stains on his hands and body.He started mumbling after being kicked by Ning Yaohua. "President Ning... I don't know... I really don't know how it turned out like this... We were already preparing to go back home, then suddenly a bike rushed towards us and hit Madam!"

"Nonsense! There were so many people around! Was the biker blind?" Ning Yaohua was enraged.

Ning Xueluo then said angrily, "With so many of you around, yet you all couldn't protect Mother!"

Ning Xueluo sounded like it was their negligence that had caused this incident as she blamed it all onto them.

The chauffeur quickly denied, "It's not like that! It's not our problem! It's that biker. He just rushed towards us! I already dragged Madam aside to avoid it, but that person changed directions on purpose and then went straight towards Madam!"

"On purpose? What do you mean?" Ning Xueluo frowned.

The two maids calmed down, they then spoke up too, "I think that guy did it on purpose! All of us stood nearby each other, and of all people, he rushed towards Madam's direction!"

The other maid also explained, "The person moved too fast for us to react. There wasn't even time for us to shield Madam! That person seemed to aim specifically at Madam's stomach!"

Ning Xueluo turned to Ning Yaohua. "This... Could it have been planned?!"

The driver's tone was much more confident now. "It must be. If it had been a robbery then he would've taken bags, but he didn't do anything else! And his initial target was Madam! If not, he wouldn't have changed directions and gone straight for Madam even after I dragged her away!"

Zhuang Lingyu was crying hysterically, "My child... Why? Who? Why do this to me?"

"Who dares to make a move on us Nings?!" Ning Yaohua roared.

Zheng Minjun tried to butt in as she put up an angry front. "It even happened under broad daylight! How dare they!?"

Su Yan calmly analyzed, "According to their description, it doesn't seem to be just an accident."

Su Hongguang looked at Ning Yaohua and asked, "Yaohua, did you make enemies with anyone recently?"

Ning Yaohua gave it some thought, but he rejected it quickly, "Impossible! Everything is going smoothly in the company!"

Even if there were some arguments over the business, with Ning International's current scale and their relationship with the Su family, no one would be bold enough to make a move on people from the Ning family.

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