Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2074

Zheng Minjun actually felt relieved deep inside when she saw everyone's expressions ofdespair and Zhuang Lingyu crying on the bed.

Zhuang Lingyu had long been chased out by the Zhuang family, yet she still acted all high and mighty in front of everyone else. Her attitude became even cockier after she got pregnant.

Ha, look at her now!

Of course, what made her wariest was the child inside Zhuang Lingyu.

The biggest reason she agreed to Su Yan and Ning Xueluo's marriage was that Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu only had one daughter. Now that they suddenly had a son, who knew if the two of them would take the shares backfrom Ning Xueluo in the future?

Things might not be so bad when the child was little, but Ning Yaohua would surely intend for his son to take over the company once the child grew up!

Then, what about the Su family?

Not only did they get a fake daughter, but even their rights to the company were also lost.

Was this not a scam?

The Ning family had constructed such a grand plan and thought they were idiots, yet the Su family still had to endure it as long as Ning Xueluo had the child in her stomach.

However, karma played its part. Zhuang Lingyu had probably done too many bad things and her child was now gone.

Of course, Zheng Minjun might think this way, but she could never show it on the surface. She sighed with concern, "Lingyu, did you offend anyone lately?"

Before Zhuang Lingyu could reply, Ning Xueluo answered, "Mother has always been kind. Her friends are really nice to her. Recently, she's been staying at home to care for the baby. How could she offend anyone? Even if there are some tiny arguments, it wouldn't reach the point of wanting to kill her!"

Everyone then remained silent.

Ning Xueluo had trails of tears all over her face as if she was the one who had lost her child. "That person purposely harmed the child in Mother. Who's so wicked to take a child's life away?! Who would do such cruel things to take revenge?"

Su Hongguang gave it some thought, then heanalyzed, "If they did something to you or Xueluo, it might still be because of a business conflict, but to aim Lingyu, and even her child, it must be out of spite! The possibility of a personal grudge is very high!"

Suddenly, one of the maids said weakly, "Miss... Actually, I think I've seen that bike somewhere before"

"What? Where?"

Everyone all looked towards the maid.

"I'm not really sure, I might be wrong!" The maid seemed to be afraid to tell.

Ning Yaohua yelled at her, "It doesn't matter if you're mistaken. Tell us where you'veseen it before!"

The maid then said in her shivering voice, "That's not an ordinary bike. It's a heavy bike that's specially tuned for competitions. I've worked at a house near Ms. Ning Xi's place before... I saw people riding similar bikes park outside Ms. Ning Xi's house... One of them looked just like the one that hit Madam"

Ning Yaohua's expression darkened. "Ning Xi?! You said you saw this bike at Ning Xi's place?"

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