Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2075

When they heard the name "Ning Xi", everyone present had different reactions of their own.

Su Yan, who had not said anything throughout, frowned. "Can you be sure that it's the same bike?"

The little maid cowered and shook her head. "Because the bike was too fast, I didn't get to have a proper look, so I can't be sure. I'm just saying that I've seen something similar near Ms. Ning Xi's place..."

Before the few of them could come up with a conclusion, Zhuang Lingyu, who was on the bed, turned blank for a few minutes. Suddenly, she was extremely emotional as she sat up. "Ning Xi! It's her... It's that damned brat... It must be her... Apart from her, who else would hate me this much? Hate the child in me this much..."

When Ning Xueluo saw that Zhuang Lingyu had already set her mind on Ning Xi and did not care what the others said after the maid had just simply said a few words, the corner of her mouth faintly curled up. She quickly pretended to console, "Mother, calm down. It's just the maid's one-sided story. In fact, she's said that she's not sure! I think that even though Sister has some misunderstanding with us, she wouldn't go to the extent of doing something so terrifying..."

Since Zhuang Lingyu heard those words from the maid and heard Ning Xi's name, she had already tuned everything else out.

"Who else could it be if not her!? She wouldn't go to that extent? Hasn't she done a lot of those evil and scary things? Xueluo! Did you forget how she treated you! She ruined your career, your reputation, and your company one step at a time! She pushed you to the edge! It's not enough that she's ruined one of my children, but now she was here to ruin my second child!

"I've already said that she's intentionally going against me. She just doesn't want me to live a good life. She wants to torment us Ning family so that we'll never have a day of peace before she's satisfied!" Zhuang Lingyu was getting more and more stirred up. Her mournful shouts echoed in the ward.

Ning Yaohua's face seemed to tremble and at this moment, he looked extremely sorrowful too. "That brat wouldn't have such guts!"

Zhuang Lingyu scoffed. "She wouldn't? She's very capable now! And she knows so many ruffians from everywhere. Is there anything she wouldn't do? If she didn't have the guts, could Xueluo be treated so unjustly to the point that she's at today?"

Ning Xueluo pretended that she was not willing to believe it. Her eyes teared up as she shook her head. "No, she won't... Sister wouldn't do such a thing. I know Sister hates me... I always knew that... but if she hates me, she can just come for me! I'll let her do whatever she wants!

"But why? Why did she have to put the hate onto Mother!?Mother, you didn't do anything wrong! In fact, you're her biological mother, and the one in you was her biological brother! How could she have done such a thing?!"

Ning Xueluo's words seemed to be defending Ning Xi, yet every word solidified the suspicions in Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua's hearts.

Ning Xueluo looked like she was in pain as she blamed herself. She wiped her tears awayand stood up. "It's all my fault... if it weren't for me, Sister wouldn't have taken the wrong path... It's all my fault... I want to go look for her and talk it out!"

When they saw Ning Xueluo emotionally rushing out of the room, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu were worried.

"This child! Why is she so impulsive?! She's still pregnant too! Su Yan, quickly get Xueluo back!" Ning Yaohua said anxiously.

Su Yan nodded before he immediately rushed out of the ward to chase her.

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