Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2079

Ning Xi acted surprised. "Should I be proud that I smashed a tiny bug?"

"You" Ning Xueluo clenched her fists as her body was trembling, but she soon returned to her elegant self as she smiled and said, "Ning Xi, I initially wanted to leave a path for you"

Outside the door, there were sounds of footsteps. It seemed like Su Yan was there.

Ning Xueluo looked at the glass of water on the coffee table, then she plastered a creepy smile across her face.

Without Ning Xi realizing it, there were three white pills in Ning Xueluo's palm. She dropped those pills into the water and they quickly dissolved.

Ning Xueluo picked the glass of water up. "It's all your fault that you want to go down the path of death... then... you shouldn't blame me"

She then chugged the glass of water.

The next moment, Ning Xueluo's expression changed. The glass broke as it dropped onto the floor and caused a loud crash.

Blood frothed out from Ning Xueluo's mouth as she clutched her stomach and started rolling on the floor.

"Xueluo!!!" Su Yan heard the noises from inside the room and barged in. He was horrified to find Ning Xueluo on the ground with the broken glass beside her, and the growing pool of blood on her lower body.

Ning Xi was sitting at her table. She did not move an inch during the whole fiasco.

Ning Xueluo gripped her stomach and stared at the broken glass. "This water... Sister... you... you"

Ning Xi grinned. Before Ning Xueluo could say anything, she interrupted her. "I know you want to accuse me of poisoning you. Unfortunately, I don't have security cameras in here. If not, you'd have solid proof. However, the glass isn't worth a thing, so you can take it."

Ning Xueluo froze when she heard Ning Xi's sarcastic words, but then she soon switched into a painful expression. "Sister... I came here today to discuss things with you... It doesn't matter what you want to do to me... I just hope that... you don't hurt other innocent people

"Why? Why are you so stubborn? The one in my womb... is Bro Yan's child... The child is innocent... Mother's child is already gone... Is that not enough? Why?"

"Xueluo! Xueluo!" Su Yan quickly held up the unconscious Xueluo, then he looked at Ning Xi with a mixed expression before he dashed out.

Su Yan held Xueluo and ran through the staff area and the lobby, sparking a lot of discussion.

In the office, Ning Xi looked at the direction Su Yan left in, contemplating something.

In Ning Xi's house inDeer Town.

Ning Xi made two phone calls immediately after she reached home.

She soon got replies from both sides.

The first call was to Shi Xiao, who confirmed that Zhuang Lingyu's child was gone and that it happened after someone hit her on purpose on a motorbike.

She would probably be blamed, but they did not have evidence. If not, Zhuang Lingyu would have already sent her to jail and Ning Xueluo would not have come to the company to put on the act, even getting rid of her own child to frame her as well.

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