Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2080

The second call was an overseas call.

As she expected, Jason said that after he failed the last time, Ning Xueluo never called him again. Otherwise, Solomon would have contacted her if Ning Xueluo made any move and lately, there had not been anything going on.

Ning Xi sat on the sofa and gave it some thought. Then, she made a third call and asked Tang Lang for a favor.

After ten minutes, Tang Lang replied and told her no one on the streets had picked up the order for Zhuang Lingyu.

There was no doubt that Ning Xueluo was definitely related to the person who had knocked Zhuang Lingyu down. She could prove Ning Xueluo was the mastermind if she could find this person, then the truth would be made clear.

However, this person seemed non-existent. No traces were left. Ning Xueluo had not used anyone from Solomon and she also did not hire an assassin as well.

Everyone now knew that Ning Xueluo had gone to her office. She had been fine when she came, but her child was gone after she left. Moreover, Su Yan had been at the scene as a witness.

No wonder Ning Xueluo had made such a big scene and was so high profile about it. What a simple and direct way to frame her! She had come fully prepared so that Ning Xi would not be able to dodge the guilt this time.

Ning Xi tapped her fingers on the coffee table gently and weighed the matter.

The next day, as if not affected by the incident at all, she invited a famous race driver for a match.

In the afternoon, she met Director Martin, the scriptwriter, and the special effects artist to discuss the movie sequel.

At night, her personal phone rang.

It was much sooner than she thought. How exciting

It was her grandfather who called.

"Hi, Grandfather."

"Xiao Xi... you... well, come to the hospital now!"

"I got it, Grandfather, I'll be there soon."

With such a big incident, Ning Xueluowould, of course, have Grandfather back her up. Not only him, but she would also probably have the whole family there as a witness.

Ning Xi changed outfits and went to the Imperial First People Hospital alone.

As she expected, inside the big VIP room, everyone was there.

The Ning family, the Su family, Grandfather... even Ning Qiutong had rushed back from overseas.

Ning Xueluo's face looked pale and in despair as she lay down on the bed. Zhuang Lingyu was sitting in a wheelchair beside the bed with a grievous expression on her face. Ning Yaohua's expression was dismal and the Su family was just sitting on the sofa on the other side of the room.

Everyone seemed very solemn.

Besides them, there were also a sizeable group of distant relatives comforting Ning Xueluo.

"Don't be so sad, Xueluo. The elder will surely be on your side!"

"Xueluo, you're the eldest daughter-in-law of the Su family after all. The child you carried was part of the Su family, and we Su family aren't ones to be bullied!"

"That's right! We won't let this go if we don't get a satisfactory answer!"

The elder sat beside the window with his walking staff in his hand and he looked exhausted.

The Ning family had suddenly lost two children. The elder must be the one who was impacted the most.

It was a serious matter. Obviously, Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Xueluo had called everyone in the room to be their witnesses.

Ning Xi understood that Grandfather could not really stand up for her under these circumstances.

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