Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2081

When Ning Xi appeared at the entrance of the ward, suddenly, everyone turned to her, firmly glaring at her.

"Xiao Xi, quickly come over!" Only Ning Qiutong looked relaxed and at ease. When she saw Ning Xi, she eagerly greeted her.

When she saw Ning Qiutong, Ning Xi's frown slowly relaxed. First, she called out to her grandfather and greeted him, then she walked towards Ning Qiutong. "Aunty."

Ning Qiutong carefully looked at her with concern. Moments later, she let out a sigh of relief. "Not bad! You've become a little chubby. You finally have some meat on your face!"

When he saw that Ning Xi had come and unexpectedly started to reminisce with Ning Qiutong, Ning Yaohua was so angry that his face twisted in fury. "Animal! Kneel down right now!"

Noticing Ning Yaohua's resentful gaze as if he was looking at garbage, Ning Xi scoffed indifferently. "I will kneel to heaven, kneel to earth, and kneel to my parents. I wonder on what basis are you asking me to kneel down for, Chairman Ning?"

Ning Yaohua was furious. "You... you inhumane animal! Up until now, you're still trying to be clever!"

On the side, some of Ning family's relatives looked repulsed as they whispered to each other, "Look what this girl is saying! Is this not her father?"

"She dares to say such disgraceful things. Isn't she afraid of getting struck by lightning!?"

Zhuang Lingyu had long wanted to run up and kill her the moment she saw Ning Xi. At this moment, her expression was even fiercer as she screeched, "Ning Xi! You cruel animal! You won't even let go of children! Back then, when I gave birth to you, I should've just strangled you then and there!"

Ning Xueluo wept until she was slightly breathless. She seemed absent-minded. "It's my fault... All my fault... I shouldn't have clung onto Father and Mother's warmth... I'll return it to you... I'll return it all to you... Can you give me back my child, please? Return my child to me..."

"Xueluo, Xueluo, my unfortunate daughter... It's not your fault... It's Mother who didn't protect you well. Back then, I should never have brought this animal back..."

As they watched the mother and daughter's misery and suffering, everyone around looked at Ning Xi with even more spite.

"Sinful! Killing two children at a go!"

"She's so pretty, but who would have thought she'd be this malicious?!"


"Everyone, silence!" The elder thumped his staff hard.

The clamor in the ward then gradually hushed down.

"Xiao Xi, tell us what happened." The elder asked in a quiet tone.

Ning Yaohua pressed angrily. "Father, why are you still asking her this right now? First, she hired the murderer that killed Lingyu's child. Xueluo rushed to expose her, then she flew into a rage and poisoned Xueluo's water, wanting to kill Xueluo's child too!

"This animal probably intended to harm Xueluo as well! The doctor said that it was an extremely strong medication to induce abortion. She even put three times the dosage, but Xueluo survived because she was lucky! She's practically inhumane!"

With every word that Ning Yaohua uttered, all the ruthless pairs of eyes fell on Ning Xi.

Seeing Ning Xi being condemned and attacked by everyone, Ning Xueluo leaned weakly in Su Yan's embrace, the corners of her mouth strangely curled up. Her eyes fearlessly challenged Ning Xi to provoke her and inside her heart, she sneered madly.

Ha, Ning Xi, defend yourself! Explain! This will be your final struggle!

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