Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2084

The man wore a gray slim-fit suit. His collar revealed his inner white shirt and the shiny, black buttons on the sleeves gave off a cold light.

The VIP room was spacious enough to gather all the relatives and friends around, but as the man entered the room, the room seemed to become so small and crowded as though it was not enough to contain the aura he gave off.

Ning Yaohua's arrogant expression was petrified as if he could not believe his own eyes. "Lu... Lu"

He was so shocked that he could not say the next word after "Lu".

The relatives from the two families who had mocked Ning Xi just now were now silent. They could not believe that the person who only existed in legends and casual chats, who was so high and mighty that even prestigious families like them might never meet him even once in their life, had just appeared before their eyes...

They did not even recall how he looked like some years ago until recently, about two years ago, Lu Tingxiao started appearing in public. His picture was framed up in the room of many girls in Imperial. With the title of "National Husband", his popularity was even higher than some of the male celebrities in the country.

The man's actual face was much better-looking than those blurry photos and videos, especially the aura he gave off, which was breathtakingly impactful.

He had a black windbreaker on top of his suit and an aloof assistant was behind him while two fully armed bodyguards were right outside the room.

A strong killing intent was in the air

"G-gosh... It's... it's Lu... Lu Tingxiao... I'm not dreaming" After some time, someone came back to their senses.

The others reacted as well. "Someone, pinch me!"

"Oh, so... so handsome! He's much better-looking than in the pictures!"

"I'm going crazy! What's happening?Why is Lu Tingxiao here?"

Not just these people, Ning Xi was pretty surprised herself. She never expected Lu Tingxiao to appear here, moreover, in such a high profile manner.

"Uhh... Aren't you coming back the day after tomorrow?" Ning Xi asked.

Lu Tingxiao's frigid eyes melted like snow in the spring when he looked at Ning Xi. He did not reply, instead, just frowning at the girl.

He took off his windbreaker and went up to her.

He touched the girl's hands, then spread the windbreaker over her shoulders. He sounded grumpy. "Didn't I say that the temperature's been getting lower recently?"

Ning Xi glanced at the long woolen dress she had on. "I've put on a lot of layers already"

Lu Tingxiao squeezed the girl's hands. "Your hands are cold."

Ning Xi was speechless. This was probably a new type of cold - "her-darling-thinks-she-is-cold" cold.

Everyone else in the room was stunned.

They... they held hands!

Lu Tingxiao had even taken his windbreaker off and put it on Ning Xi. The sweetness and intimacy between their exchanges of wordswere enough to melt anyone!

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi?

This was crazy!

W-what was happening?

What happened next would astound them even more!

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