Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2085

Lu Tingxiao held Ning Xi's hand, ignoring everyone's gazes as he walked through a path opened up by the crowd. He went straight to the elder.

He then called, "Grandfather."


What did Lu Tingxiao just call the elder?

The elder was really thrilled to see his grandson-in-law. "You're back! Come and sit down!"

Ning Yaohua could not hold it in anymore. He rushed up to Ning Zhiyuan. "Father, this... What is this? You... you know Mr. Lu?"

The elder peered at his son and the relatives around unhappily. "What are you guys being so shocked about? Can't I know my own grandson-in-law?"


Everyone was stunned.

"Xiao Xi did actually get married to Tingxiao two years ago."

"How is that possible?" Ning Yaohua was floored.

"When Xiao Xi had just returned to the country, the two of them were already together. Naturally, they got married, but due to Xiao Xi's career, they didn't announce it to the public," the elder said matter-of-factly.

"But... Father, how could you not tell me of such a huge thing?!" Ning Yaohua almost broke down.

"Why should I tell you?" The elder retorted back and Ning Yaohua felt like he wanted to die.

As they heard Ning Zhiyuan and Ning Yaohua's conversation, everyone in the room were astounded.

"Oh... Oh my god! Ning Xi's husband is Lu Tingxiao?! Seriously?"

"Lu Tingxiao called the elder his grandfather. It can't be fake!"

"So, the rumored girlfriend of Lu Tingxiao... is Ning Xi!"

They stared at each other, then the relatives of the Ning family looked at the Su family oddly.

Ning Xi had gotten married to the Lu family long ago, so how could she be into Su Yan?

Suddenly, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed man came in grinning. He said casually, "Well, my sister-in-law said so. She has high standards!"

This person was Lu Tingxiao's brother, Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli had always been high-profile, and since he had been working in the entertainment industry before, almost everyone knew how he looked like.

Everyone's expressions darkened when they heard Lu Jingli's words.

Please! This was not just high-standard! This was high up in the sky!

They thought that Ning Xi had just been trying to brag, but actually... she was already being humble.

The relatives from the Su family looked horrified as they had mocked Ning Xi for using all sorts of methods to try to get into the Su family, especially Zheng Minjun. Her face reddened as if she had just been slapped hard and she could not say anything at the moment.

Lu Jingli's smile was like a blooming flower. He went up to greet the elder, then hewent beside Ning Qiutong and said, "You must be the beautiful aunt my sister-in-law mentioned! Hello, Aunty, I'm Lu Jingli!"

Ning Qiutong was flattered. "Hello, thank you for looking after Xiao Xi!"

She knew a little about Xiao Xi's matters and had reminded her many times to be careful, but she never expected Xiao Xi's husband to be Lu Tingxiao.

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