Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2091

"Ning Xi! Ning Xi! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!"

Ning Xueluo was stunned for a whole second, then shescreeched. She had not even been this crazy when she saw the evidencejust now.

She stopped trusting people ever since the people from Solomon kept on failing her. Furthermore, she was uneasy about hiring someone within the country too as the consequences would be dire ifNing Xi found out.

Which was why she had decided to do it herself this time.

It was her first time, after all, so she was pretty anxious about it. She had really beenfreaking out when she was destroying the clothes and the motorbike.Of course, she could not remember that many details at that moment. Moreover, Ning Xi's video looked so real that she believed it when she saw those familiar scenes.

As for the fingerprints and blood samples, she might still have doubted it if Ning Xi had taken it out herself, but it was from Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao had handed them over to Ning Xi.

With Lu Tingxiao's power, he could turn the impossible into possible.

She had believed it almost instantly!

She never expected that she had fallen into Ning Xi's trap from the very beginning!

Ning Xi had been bluffing from the start. The video was fake, and so were the fingerprints and blood samples!

This witch! Witch!

Ning Xi watched Ning Xueluo who just kept on screaming. "I told you it's fake, but you didn't believe me."

Lu Jingli was totally impressed by what he just saw.

So sick!

What a drama! Plot twists all around! A huge production! And in the end, she just had to show everyone how lovey-dovey they were with those church pictures

However, things were not over yet.

"While those are fake, I have something real with me." Ning Xi tapped her phone and then projected an A4 paper onto the wall.

Under closer inspection, it was a DNA report.

The report indicated thatthe child in Ning Xueluo's womb had no blood relation to Su Yan at all.

"T-this is a DNA report!"

"It's a DNA report of Xueluo's child with Su Yan!"

"Oh my God! Xueluo's child isn't Su Yan's?"

People were making a fuss in the room.

Ning Xi looked at Ning Xueluo. "A tiger would never hurt its child no matter how fierce it is. I'm pretty sure you understand how important the child was to you, Ms. Ning, so I've been wondering why you'd frame me by killing your child."

Ning Xi took a pause, but she soon continued, "I thought about it and it only led to one conclusion, that is... this child cannot exist. Then, what's the reason for it? That's really worth considering, am I right, Ms. Ning?"

Although it had just been two days, she had done a lot of work.

She had people investigate the tapes of Zhuang Lingyu being hit. She tracked the motorbike's movement, and then investigated Ning Xueluo's activities in the past few months.

She then visited the racer personally and asked the special effects artist from "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" for help.

Besides, she also had people secretly take Su Yan's hair and the dead child's blood to conduct a DNA test.

The test results were only sent to her about half an hour ago in her inbox. Everything was as she expected. Ning Xueluo's child was not Su Yan's.

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