Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2092

Some people still did not understand what Ning Xi said.

"The child in Ning Xueluo's womb wasn't Su Yan's child! No wonder! If not, she wouldn't have killed it! It must've been because she was afraid that the truth would come out after it was born, so she decided to kill two birds with one stone. Not only did she kill the child, but she also framed Ning Xi!"

"Su Yan almost divorced her back then, but because of this child that the divorce didn't happen, yet this child...oh my God!"

"This woman kept saying that she loves Su Yan, but in the end, she bore the child of another man!"

The tongue-tied Zheng Minjun rushed straight to Ning Xi and wanted to wrench her phone away. "What are you talking about!? How is it possible that the child in Xueluo's womb isn't Su Yan's!?"

Ning Qiutong huffed impatiently, "The child probably hasn't been cremated yet. If you don't believe her, go and do a test yourself!"

Ning Xueluo's true nature was already exposed, so of course, Zheng Minjun believed it. She was stunned for a moment before she started attacking Ning Xueluo right away. "You dirty slut! I was wondering why you kept urging us to cremate the child soon. You even said something about how you hoped the child could be reincarnated into a better family! You were just trying to destroy the evidence all along!"

Zheng Minjun was really frustrated that her daughter-in-law had cheated on her son and that the truth was exposed to so many people.

"Zheng Minjun, don't speak as if the Su family is so prestigious! If you two old-timers hadn't urged Su Yan to divorce me and marry Ning Xi to get closer to the Zhuang family, I wouldn't have been forced to do so!"

It was already such a huge mess anyway, so Ning Xueluo counter-attacked her right back. However, her physical state was still weak after the miscarriage. Her body and face soon became covered in scratches by Zheng Minjun.

Su Hongguang could not stand it anymore. He dragged Zheng Minjun away and roared, "Enough! Is it not embarrassing enough?!"

He had had enough!

Zheng Minjun's expression darkened. "Embarrassing? What do I have to be embarrassed about!? Look at Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu's daughter! A dirty, wicked woman! She ruined the Su family! The Ning family should be the one who's embarrassed!"

"You" Ning Yaohua was already raging and he almost fainted when Zheng Minjun mocked him.

Zhuang Lingyu was staring blankly as her mouth kept mumbling, "Impossible, impossible"

The two families had a war inside the room and needless to say, it was chaotic.

Ning Qiutong looked at Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu with pity. "I told you guys to carefully look at who you've been taking care of all these years, yet you were both tricked by her and now, you have to face the consequences. You deserve it! Unfortunately, an innocent child was sacrificed!"

Zhuang Lingyu was triggered when she heard the word "child" and she jumped onto Ning Xueluo. "You witch! Witch! Why did you do that to me?! Why?! Give me back my child! Give me back my son!"

Lu Tingxiao frowned when he saw this chaotic scene, then he pulled Ning Xi into his arms and blocked her from this unsightly view.

Ning Xi suddenly felt refreshed as if she had just returned to a peaceful little haven for herself. She said gently, "Darling, let's go home."


"Xiao... Xiao Xi" Ning Yaohua scampered outside when he saw that Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao had left. He seemed like he was about to say something.

Nevertheless, in the end, he could not say anything.

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