Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2096

In just a few days' time, chaos fell all around Ning International.

Ning Xueluo aggressively tried to repel the old forces within the company and push her people forward. She even announced at the stakeholders meeting that she wanted to remove Ning Yaohua of his position as the CEO.

However, as Ning Xi expected, Ning Yaohua was not just a nobody.

While Ning Yaohua cared most for his own and the Ning family's reputation, he went all out this time and gave up on his pride. He revealed everything to the public about Ning Xueluo's evil deeds and how she had killed Zhuang Lingyu's baby.

The stakeholders meeting voted for Ning Xueluo to leave her position since the company had the rights to purchase back the shares she held at their original price. At the same time, Ning Qiutong was invited back to become the new CEO of the company.

After the meeting, while Ning Xueluo was chased out of the company, the stocks of Ning International plummeted, causing a considerable amount of damage.

To avoid jail time, Ning Xueluo struck a deal with Ning Yaohua and he was forced to return all the shares that she received for free.

This meant that she was chased out of the company without getting anything.

After the end of the meeting, Ning Xueluo swiftly left the company building. She spent every last ounce of her effort to avoid the reporters and went back to the Su family.

Zheng Minjun was watching the television in the living room.

The news reporter was talking about how Ning Xueluo had been chased out of Ning International after being found out that she had harmed her mother's child for the sake of greed.

When Zheng Minjun heard the doors creaking open, she looked at Ning Xueluo's miserable state and laughed coldly as she mocked her, "You're just a dog relying on the Nings and the Sus. Do you really think you're somebody already?"

This damned witch! She had been chased out from the Ning International with nothing else left and her reputation had fallen into the depths of the deepest valley, yet she still held onto the spot of Mrs. Su shamelessly.

As Zheng Minjun thought about how this witch would continue to stay in the Su family and how she would never be able to face anyone in her circle anymore, she felt a strong inclination to choke her to death!

Ning Xueluo acted as if she did not hear Zheng Minjun. She looked around and asked, "Where's Su Yan?"

"Mind your own business! No man would be willing to stay at home looking at your nightmare-inducing face!" Zheng Minjun replied.

Ning Xueluo did not say anything and went out. She drove towards one of Su Yan's properties in Imperial. She knew Su Yan had another house outside and that he had been staying there when he did not want to come back home.

As she was about to ring the doorbell, she realized that the door was not locked.

Ning Xueluo teetered over the threshold on her high heels.

Halfway through, Ning Xueluo's expression changed.

She heard some ambiguous noises from the bedroom.

"Mmm... Ah... That's so good... Bro Yan Faster... Faster..."

Ning Xueluo's face turned pale. She quickly went up to the door and flung it open violently.

Inside the room, Su Yan, who had not touched her for a long while, was now on top of another woman... crazily doing it with her

"Ah! Vice President Ning" The woman was shocked.

Ning Xueluo could not believe it when she saw the woman's face. "Han Zixuan!"

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