Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2102

Lu Tingxiao sounded upset. "Camera."

"Huh? What's wrong about the camera?"

"It's tilted."


"Yes, I'm so sorry. I'll aim it at your wife now, alright!?"

Lu Jingli was a little annoyed. "How can you not be worried at all?! Your wife is so talented at shooting that she even beat Guan Ziyao! While I'd love to see Xiao Xi Xi win, winning in this situation would make it feel like she's into Li Muyan! This is so frustrating!"

The people around the shooting range surrounded them and stayed for the drama.

The circles Meng Linlang brought Ning Xi to were mostly to meet the head ladies and madams of different families. She wanted her to learn how to behave as a head lady. Only a small group of people knew about Ning Xi's relationship with the Zhuangs. Among the group of onlookers right now, everyone except Li Muyan only knew Ning Xi as the hottest celebrity in China.

Popular events like today would usually invite some celebrities to lighten up the mood. As the most successful artiste under Glory World Entertainment, it was not odd to invite her over.

However, something like what had happened between Ning Xi and Li Muyan was unusual.

Even with Ning Xi's current status in the entertainment industry, along with her identity as the owner of Spirit, aiming for Li Muyan was still too far-fetched for her.

"Eliza is really good at shooting. She wouldn't have suggested it otherwise. She's used this to chaseseveral romantic rivals away already!"

"She doesn't have opponents in any other field too. Eliza is great at everything!"

"How could an actress possibly win over Eliza who's a true royalty? Eliza's mother is a descendant of the royal family from France!"

Li Muyan was not moved at all when he heard the comments about Eliza. He had seen too many girls like her who received elite training since she was a child. While they had multiple talents and skills, their souls were boring to the very end.

Li Muyan then looked at Ning Xi. He gripped his fists a little as he thought about how she was willing to compete for him.

He had been trying to win her over slowly in the past few months. He had never broken the invisible wall between them because he never had the confidence.

It was an unexpected reward for him even though Eliza had kicked up such a fuss today.

As Li Muyan was deep in thought, the competition started.

Everyone focused on the two of them.

Each person would shoot one after another until all ten shots were fired, then the final score would be calculated.

First shot: Eliza, 9.7 points; Ning Xi, 9.6 points.

Second shot: Eliza, 9.6 points; Ning Xi, 9.5 points.

Third shot: Eliza, 9.8 points; Ning Xi, 9.7 points.

Ning Xi fell behind on the first three shots as everyone expected. Li Muyan unconsciously straightened his back. Maybe Ning Xi was still warming up, but there were still seven shots left!

The competition continued.

Fourth shot: Eliza, 9.2 points; Ning Xi, 9.1 points.

Fifth shot: Eliza, 8.9 points; Ning Xi, 8.8 points.

Sixth shot: Eliza, 9.4 points; Ning Xi, 9.3 points.

Everyone was stunned by the scores.

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