Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2106

"It looks like the entire Zhuang family is here!"

"Wow, really? Since when did the Zhuangs become this close to the Lu family? Lu Tingxiao's just celebrating his birthday, but the entire Zhuang family has come?"

As the crowd thought about how strange it was, they started to doubt it. "It really is a little weird. These two families... one's in the army and the government, while the other is in business. Usually, they would just have a nodding acquaintance, wouldn't they? Especially Elder Zhuang... He would never get close to anyone, especially businessmen, what more attend the birthday banquet of someone from the younger generation?"

"But we can't say for sure. Now that the Lu family does have an existence that even the higher-ups have to fear, I'm afraid the Zhuang family are bound by convention!"

"Well, that's true..."

On the other side, Zhuang Keer had immediately seen Ning Xi who was the most dazzling person amidst the crowd. She immediately ran over to Ning Xi and greeted extremely intimately, "Xiao Xi!"

"Keer, you guys came too!" When she saw Zhuang Keer, Ning Xi instantly flashed a sincere smile.

Zhuang Rongguang who was formidable-looking in his military uniform rushed up to Ning Xi like a monkey and said with an expression as if he was showing off his treasures, "Bro Xi! Quickly look! Tell me, do I look handsome in this? Am I handsome or not?"

As Ning Xi watched this young man who was becoming more and more energetic, her eyes were filled with admiration. She was not stingy with her praises. "Indeed, you've become much more handsome now!"

When Zhuang Rongguang heard the words he wanted to hear, he was instantly overjoyed.

Meng Linlang helplessly shot her son a look, then she noticed Ning Xi's outfit and her eyes lit up. "Girl Xi, this outfit is gorgeous! Child, you usually dress a little too simple. Someone of your age should wear more bright colors like this. Don't wait till you're my age. You can't wear them even if you wanted to anymore!"

When they saw this scene unfolding, all of the heiresses instantly had mixed expressions.

"Why are all the Zhuangs so close to Ning Xi?"

"Is that even a question? She's definitely benefiting by association with the Lu family! In any case, she's the wife of the young master of the Lu family now. She's the head lady!"

"What!? What luck is this!? She really increased her status by climbing up this tree! It's so unfair! Which one of us here wouldn't be miles better than her in terms of family background? What's the Lu family thinking, letting someone of such status marry him? Even if they don't think for themselves, they should think about the future generations' genes and bloodline, shouldn't they?"

"This Ning Xi doesn't match Bro Lu at all!"


The heiresses immediately felt even more resentful seeing Ning Xi being so close the Zhuang family. They started to group together and mutter.

Only Li Muyan who knew the inside story was filled with bitterness.

Zhuang Zongren could hear these voices and his expression soured. The elder was known to be hot-tempered, plus this matter involved his most beloved granddaughter. Thus, he growled angrily with a scowl on the spot, "Who says my Xiao Xi doesn't match the punk from the Lu family!?"

His worn and honest voice rang in everyone's ears.

The second Zhuang Zongren's slightly furious voice reverberated, the entire venue was immediately enveloped with an overbearing aura. Those heiresses who had been muttering among themselves suddenly did not dare impose. At the same time, they exchanged glances while looking shocked.

What did Elder Chief Zhuang just say?

My Xiao Xi...?

At this moment, Yan Ruyi smiled and walked up to smooth things over. "Elder, look at you. Xiao Xi is your granddaughter. Even Master Xuan Jing said that Xiao Xi was good luck and would bring a happy family and prosperity. To be able to have a daughter-in-law like Xiao Xi is our Lu family's blessing from another lifetime!"

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