Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2110

Ning Xi rolled her eyes. However, she was pretty interested to see pictures of Lu Tingxiao when he was young; she wanted to see if he really looked like Little Treasure.

Everyone looked over at the big screen as Second Master had mentioned that there would be photos of little Lu Tingxiao.

A photo appeared and the setting seemed to be in a hospital. There was a signage saying "Department of Gynecology" and a pregnant girl sat on the long bench.

Lu Jingli's expression changed the moment this photo appeared.

Because the pregnant girl in the photo... was Ning Xi!

While the girl's face looked much younger, it was obvious that was her.

In just a moment, countless photos flashed through the screen, all of them showing Ning Xi pregnant, in the hospital, on the road, in the park

"Hmm? W-what's happening!"

"The person in the photo is Ning Xi, isn't it?"

"She looks young in there, but that sure is her! But why is Ning Xi sitting in front of the department of gynecology with a bulged tummy?"

"Damn!" Lu Jingli's expression darkened and he wanted to take out the disc, yet he was stopped by a large palm.

If they stopped it right now, it would only attract more rumors and things would be really messy by then.

Ning Xi's face already went pale when she saw those pictures. She panicked.

After Lu Tingxiao stopped Lu Jingli from taking out the disc, he put his arms over the girl's shaking shoulders. "It's alright."

Lu Tingxio focused intently on the photos, observing how Ning Xi was pregnant, walking alone, shopping alone, going to the hospital alone. His grip on the girl became tighter and tighter

"Hahahaha" Suddenly, there was the sharp laughter of a woman among the crowd.

A woman in a waitress's outfit rushed below the big screen and then screamed, "Daughter of a prestigious family, a proud lady! This woman got pregnant by a stranger when she was 18, yet she's still acting all pure in front of everyone! She's just trash! A shameless slut!"

The crowd was stunned to see Ning Xueluo.

"Ah... That woman, isn't that Ning Xueluo?"

"That's right! It's her! She's the foster daughter of the Ning family! The one who was chased out recently!"

Ning Xueluo's matter was too high-profile to be ignored, so many people recognized her almost instantly.

Everyone believed the pictures when they heard Ning Xueluo's words.

It was perfectly normal for Ning Xueluo to know Ning Xi's secrets, so she had come here for revenge!

No one expected such a big scandal would be revealed at Lu Tingxiao's birthday banquet

Lu Tingxiao's wife, the head lady of the Lu family, had such a huge scandal.

An out-of-wedlock pregnancy at 18?!

"Oh god! No way! Is Ning Xueluo telling the truth? Ning Xi got pregnant with a stranger's child at 18?"

"Does the Lu family know about this? Does Lu Tingxiao know?"

"Of course not! They wouldn't have gotten married if they knew! That's so scary! As expected, the private lives of women in the entertainment industry are incredibly messy!"


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