Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2111

More and more discussions sparked.

Lu Tingxiao looked at these so-called "scandalous photos" and did not even bat an eyelid. He just looked calmly at Ning Xueluo who was in maniac mode. "Thank you,Ms. Ning, for bringing these precious memories up for Xiao Xi."


Precious memories?

Ning Xueluo was dumbfounded. Lu Tingxiao continued, "The stranger you mentioned was none other than me."

Everyone's eyes popped out after a short moment of silence.

"Huh? W-what!"

"What does Lu Tingxiao mean?"

"The stranger is him"

Ning Xueluo's mind was thrown into chaos as fear filled her eyes. "What are you saying? CEO Lu, the child inside this woman's womb was an illegitimate child! How"

Lu Jingli rolled his eyes and laughed coldly. "Miss, first, you said my brother is a stranger. Then, you accuse my nephew of being an illegitimate child. Wow, I'm impressed by your courage!"

Lu Jingli's words caused another big wave of shock.

"Little Treasure? Does Lu Jingli mean that the child Ning Xi had was Little Treasure?"

"What! Little Treasure's biological mother is Ning Xi?"

"Ning Xueluo said Ning Xi was pregnant at 18. If I calculate following the time, it's correct!"

Among the noisy gossip, Lu Tingxiao's icy cold gaze scanned everyone.

That immense aura of his hushed everyone. No one said a word.

After a while, Lu Tingxiao said, "I apologize for causing some unnecessary misunderstanding. Ning Xi and I knew each other since a long time ago, but we separated for several years because of some misunderstanding. We've gotten back together again ever since Xiao Xi came back."

Lu Tingxiao took a pause, then continued, "Little Treasure is the child of Ning Xi and me."

Ning Xueluo was stunned at first, then she could not stop giggling. "Hahaha... CEO Lu, I didn't expect for you to lie and say that illegitimate child is yours! How impressive!"

Lu Jingli could not believe how stupid she couldbe."Miss, your stupidity is what impresses me the most. How could my brother not know what he did? Due to some procedural necessity before, my sister-in-law and Little Treasure did a DNA test. Do you think everyone is as stupid as you?"

"T-this is impossible! Definitely impossible!" Ning Xueluo straightened her back and her tone sounded determined.

Lu Jingli raised his eyebrows. "Oh? Impossible, how are you so determined that it's impossible?"

Ning Xueluo could not say anything. Of course, she could not.

She was the one who had drugged Ning Xi and arranged the two male gigolos!

How was that possible?


The gigolos mentioned that Ning Xi had gone into the wrong room

She had done it with a stranger

Could it be!?

Could that man be Lu Tingxiao!?

Ning Xueluo's face went pale. Her body was trembling as if she had just found out something oddly terrifying.

This possibility was utterly shocking to her!

Suddenly, an old man stepped out from the crowd.

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