Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2123

He then looked at Annie. "Are you?"

Annie smiled coldly. "That's right, I am."

Tang Lang was confused. What were they talking about? Who exactly was Annie? Who was Yun Qingze? He had the same surname as Satan. How were they related?

Tang Ye then said, "Yun Qingze... I think that's the grandson of the elder from the Yun family... Satan's cousin"

At the same time, Yun Shen stared at Annie confidently. "You're Yun Qingze's godsister, Luoling."

Annie did not deny it. She smiled and then looked at Lu Tingxiao coldly. "All the people involved back then... They were all dead, and now, only the Lu family is left. All of you will die with Bro Qingze!

"Innocent? I'm going to let the Lu family have a taste of how helpless a person can be when they can't do anything to help a dying loved one!"

Lu Tingxiao quickly remembered some fragmented memories of the conflict between the Lus and the Yuns. "If I'm not mistaken, the Yun family wanted to use Yun Qingze's death as an excuse to collaborate with two other families to go against the Lu family, but afterwards, further investigation revealed that Yun Qingze's death was unrelated to the Lu family."

The word "unrelated" triggered Annie. "Unrelated?! If it were not for the Lu family, if it were not for you, Lu Tingxiao, Bro Qingze wouldn't have died! Back then, the family sent me to assassinate you. I declined the mission and they killed Qingze. They told me that you killed Qingze. They thought by doing so, I'd take revenge! If it were not for you, Bro Qingze wouldn't have died!"

Annie repeated her accusation of Lu Tingxiao killing Bro Qingze.

Ning Xi's brain was trying to process all these information. She frowned. "So, the Yuns and the Lus were at war. The Yun family sent someone to assassinate the head of the Lu family, Lu Tingxiao, and you declined because missions like this usually involved seductions and using your body.

"To make you comply and to have a reason to go to war, the head of the Yun family killed his own grandson, Yun Qingze, then he blamed everything on the Lu family! However, in the end, you found out the truth"

Ning Xi had a clearer idea of what happened at this point. "Since you know Yun Qingze wasn't killed by the Lu family, then why are you blaming the Lu family and harming Little Treasure for it?'

Yun Shen's eyes darkened as he heard Ning Xi's words. He had a cold aura around him. "Is it so difficult to understand? Because all of them deserve to die! Everyone who was involved in her death deserve to die."

Ning Xi was surprised when she heard that Yun Shen was on Annie's side.

Who was the "her" Yun Shen mentioned? It was not Yun Qingze, was it?

Yun Shen then smiled at Annie. "I see... No wonder the little fish stayed by my side and helped me, so... We're the same?"

Ning Xi frowned. She had just cleared things up, but now her head was in a mess again. Why was Yun Shen involved?

What did he mean by they were the "same"?

Yun Shen grinned. "That old geezer, Yun Jie, loved tricks of seduction and assassination. So what if he had to sacrifice an unimportant grandchild? He could even send his only daughter in the bed of his enemy"

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