Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2124

When she heard this, Ning Xi's mind jolted. She instantly thought about Yun Shen's mother, Yun Lan, and Lu Chongshan's personal grudges.

Could it be... that years ago, Yun Shen's mother and Lu Chongshan were actually related?

Yun Shen's mother's fate was like Annie's. They had both been sent by the head of the Yun family's old clans, Yun Jie, to assassinate someone from the Lu family, but her target was Lu Chongshan!

"Little fishy, you're much smarter than that silly woman..."

Yun Shen smiled faintly and looked towards Lu Tingxiao. "That silly woman gave herself, her heart, and even her life while you... You want everyone's lives!

"Before this, I couldn't understand who the Yun family was detroyed by, and had even done so right before my eyes...

"It turns out that it was you! I'm guessing it was also you who poisoned those people from the Lu family?"

When she heard this, Ning Xi finally understood.

No wonder Yun Shen said that he recognized the poison.

And the silly woman that Yun Shen was talking about was probably his mother, Yun Lan!

Years ago, Yun Shen's mother had probably fallen for Lu Chongshan. Otherwise, she would not have given birth to Yun Shen.

However, as the head of the Lu clan, and with the way Lu Chongshan would sacrifice anything for the clans' benefit, if he had found out about Yun Lan's identity...

You could already imagine the tragedy that came after.

Annie did not deny a single thing. She only looked at Yun Shen with an exceptionally cold gaze. "You abandoned your conviction!"

When Yun Shen heard her accusation, he immediately laughed out loud. "Haha... conviction? What's my conviction? Like you, to kill off everyone who was related to that incident back then?"

Indeed, he once shared the same thoughts as Annie even if he knew that his mother had at last died in the hands of his own grandfather, and was killed by his own clansmen because of shame.

However, when he had finally gathered all the forces and wanted to take revenge, he realized that the Yun family had long been wiped out by someone overnight.

From then on, killing Lu Chongshan and destroying the Lu family had become his only reason to live.


Yun Shen's gaze fell a little dazedly onto the girl beside Lu Tingxiao...

It was only an instant before the man very quickly retrieved his gaze and looked towards Annie again. "Previously, you were by my side helping me. Because we had the same enemy, and now, I've unexpectedly collaborated with my enemy, Lu Tingxiao, so you turned to Qiao Yi?"

Tang Lang immediately revealed a shocked expression. "Could it be that Qiao Yi was rescued by Annie?"

At this moment, Tang Ye, Feng Xiaoxiao, and the rest were all utterly puzzled when they heard this.

They never would have thought that Little Treasure's matter back then would actually involve so much, including even the grudges and grievances of two generations.

Yun Shen's mother and Lu Chongshan, Qiao Yi, Annie and Lu Tingxiao, Yun Qingze...

At this moment, there was suddenly an alarm that sounded from the ward.

The nurse rushed out in panic. "Not good! The patient just went into shock! I'll go get the doctor!"

"Little Treasure!" Ning Xi's face was filled with dread. She immediately rushed into the ward with Lu Tingxiao.

"Forget it! Let's just talk after getting the antidote!" Tang Lang looked towards Annie with murderous intent. "I don't care what your reason was. If you have any grudges then let's fight an open and honorable match. Using such a lowly trick and even troubing a child, are you even a man?!"

After Tang Lang said that, he realized that Annie was not a man, but he could not care much. He continued, "Hand over the antidote right now. Otherwise, don't blame me for being cruel!"

When Annie heard, she chuckled. "I wonder... How are you going to be cruel to me?"

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