Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2127

Under everyone's gaze, Annie slowly retracted her hand.

The final attack did not land!

"Ning Xi, you saved me before. This is my repayment. If there's a next time" A strong sense of bloodlust oozed out from Annie's eyes.

At the same time, a small medical pouch fell out of her hand.

Ning Xi extended her hand and the medical pouch tumbled right into her palm.

Ning Xi looked at the pouch. "This is"

Annie laughed coldly, "Don't misunderstand. It's not quite the antidote. It's just medicine to delay the symptoms."

She then turned around and left!

Ning Xi was surprised, then she yelled, "Will you really give me the antidote if someone beat you?"

"I won't go back on my promise."

Annie then disappeared at the end of the corridor

At almost the exact moment Annie disappeared from her eyes, like a collapsing tower, Ning Xi fell over.

She fell into a warm embrace

Ning Xi looked up saw the man with a worried expression on his face. She smiled faintly. "Thank you, darling."

Lu Tingxiao's body was trembling. How he wished he could embrace her tightly, yet he was controlling his strength like he was holding a fragile glassware. "Just this once!"

"Mmm." The girl nodded, then the aura she had moments ago was all gone.

She knew that she definitely could not take the third blow from Annie, but she was betting that Annie would not kill her.

Fortunately, she won the bet.

Fortunately, Lu Tingxiao believed in her.

Yun Shen was boiling mad. "You pair of maniacs!"

"Right, give these to Little Treasure!" Ning Xi wanted to go into the ward.

Tang Lang quickly took the medical pouch from Ning Xi. "My Grandfather Xi, let me call you my grandfather! Don't move around. I'll do it! I'm so done with you!"

Ning Xi's eyes brightened slightly when she heard the ever so familiar term of "grandfather" from Tang Lang. She slowly took out a silver whistle from her pocket and whispered, "This might be the Little Treasure's last chance."

Yun Shen glanced at the whistle. "Is this the Insect Whistle?"

"What's an Insect Whistle?" Ning Xi had no idea.

"An insect is usually inside the whistle. Offspring are placed inside a specially designed whistle. The insect will get up whenever it's blown, sending a message to the mother insect, letting her know the position of the offspring," Yun Shen explained, "Old methods like this have been abandoned eight hundred years ago. Taking so much time to design this, you might as well just buy a GPS system!"

Ning Xi had no words to say.

However, this was not just a whistle to her. It was an important item signifying the favor Han Xiao owed her, a life repayment.

Finally, Ning Xi blew the whistle. She then lost all her strength and fell unconscious

It was already the next morning when Ning Xi woke up.

She felt torture all over her body. "Ah... It's painful"

Tang Lang was sitting on a sofa opposite her crunching on an apple. He heard her voice from the bed. "What are you whining for?! Feng Xiaoxiao broke two bones, First Senior Brother got three broken, and I got six broken! You didn't even break any! Not even any internal damage! Just some lung bleeding! I haven't even started complaining! Shut up!"

Ning Xi then touched her chest area, her eyes seeming gentle.

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