Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2129

Even though Annie's true identity shocked her, Ning Xi believed that Annie had started to develop feelings for all of themafter being with her for so long.

This was the reason why she had taken the gamble.

Annie would delay Little Treasure's poison. Was it because she realized that Ning Xi was together with Lu Tingxiao, so she wavered?

She would never find out. Her current top priority was to get the antidote.

Ning Xi took a deep breath, then shelooked at Han Xiao. "Master, I need a favor from you."

Tang Lang interrupted, "Grandfather! Let me tell you! That woman is really mighty! Damn it! She KO-ed me in just one hit and broke six of my ribs! Before she left, she said that she'll give the antidote to whoever that can beat her! Grandfather, the bets are all on you this time!"

Ning Xi looked at Han Xiao. "Can you please help?"

Han Xiao did not seem interested and looked lazy. "Of course, I'll help you since you used that whistle, but it's no fun that I always have to fight trash."


He had six ribs broken!

If Annie was trash, what was he?

Trash scrap?!

Trash scrap no.1 Tang Ye

Trash scrap no.2 Tang Lang

Trash scrap no.3 Feng Xiaoxiao

Tang Lang then spoke up, "Not trash at all. She's damned talented. All of us combined couldn't even beat her! I think her level might be on par with yours!"

Han Xiao looked at him. "In this world, someone who's on par with me probably hasn't existed yet. The three of you are as weak as ants. I can destroy you all with just a finger."

Han Xiao yawned and locked his gaze onto the KFC chicken bucket that Ning Xi had prepared.

Tang Lang, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao were speechless.

They would really love to beat him up!

However, they would surely lose.

As they were discussing about when to meet Annie again, there weresuddenly hurried footsteps outside the door.

Lu Jingli and an assistant from Yun Shen's company came inside the room panting.

Lu Jingli said, "Bro, it's bad! Take a look at our stocks!"

Yun Shen's assistant also cried, "Boss, ours are plummeting as well!"

A heavy atmosphere shrouded the room.

Lu Jingli then continued, "Baron Rothschild contacted both of our sides and asked for a meeting!"

An aggressive move!

Tang Lang then replied, "Meet him then! We have so many people on our side. Even Master is here, so there's nothing to be afraid about. Let's see what that bastard wants!"

Lu Jingli coughed lightly. "Also, the person who gave me the message was Annie."

Everyone went silent for some time.

Even though they already expected that Annie and Qiao Yi were helping the European King, they still found it difficult to accept it when they heard the news.

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