Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2139

Annie's movements were extremely agile. She stabilized herself mid-air and landed safely. She had actually taken a hit from Han Xiao and got away unscathed!

Tang Ye, Tang Lang, and Feng Xiaoxiao were stunned. Even Ning Xi was surprised, but at the same time she was relieved as well. She would go crazy if Han Xiao accidentally killed another person again.

"It seems like I have to do it myself" Annie glanced past everyone, her murderous face devoid of expression.

Initially, she wanted to use Baron and Qiao Yi's power to destroy the Lu family, but she did not expect the European King to show up and foil all her plans.

"Grandfather, she's the one that poisoned Little Treasure! Beat her and we'll get the antidote!" Tang Lang reminded quickly.

However, something did not seem right with Han Xiao.

The usually indifferent Han Xiao suddenly brightened when he saw Annie. The extent of shock on his face told a story.

"Uhh... Grandfather knows Annie?" Tang Lang was confused.

"Past grudges?" Feng Xiaoxiao mumbled.

Before they could react, Annie's expression changed when she saw Han Xiao's face as well. She looked like she wanted to skin him alive.

Tang Lang seemed to have understood. "So, it's really past grudges?"

Annie stared at Han Xiao's face as if he had done something unforgivable to her. Her whole body was shaking in anger. "How can you look so much like Bro Qingze? Who allowed... who allowed you to use Bro Qingze's face!?"

Annie's attitude was sheer cold and her eyes were filled with bloodlust.

The next second, Annie charged at Han Xiao. In the blink of an eye, five unusually sharp projectiles appeared in her hand as she wanted to slash the human mask off Han Xiao's face.

Han Xiao stood right there as if he was rooted to the ground. His soul seemed to be on the other side of the world.

Tang Lang freaked out. "Grandfather! Be careful!"

Damn it! Just what did he do that she had to disfigure his face? Was she jealous of the Master?

Ning Xi screamed as well, "Master!"

As the sharp blades almost reached Han Xiao, his figure disappeared like a phantom. Annie did not even reach his clothes.

Annie then continued on her offense, and miraculously Han Xiao chose to be on the defensive side, not attacking her.

Ning Xi was confused. "What's happening? The Master seems to know Annie, but from the way he looks at her, it doesn't feel like he's holding a grudge. Annie doesn't seem to know Master. What did she mean by Master appearing like her Bro Qingze? Do they look alike?"

Yun Shen then said, "I left the Yun family since I was ten. I've never seen anyone from the Yun family ever since. I don't know what my cousin looks like, but the Yun family has good gene. He should look pretty okay."

Ning Xi was speechless. "Just okay? He looks like the Master! That's definitely way above average, alright?"

She could feel the temperature around her dropping, so Ning Xi quickly added, "Of course, no matter who, no one is more handsome than my darling!"

In the short time that Ning Xi was talking, the two of them were battling furiously.

To be exact, Annie was fighting furiously.

Han Xiao's expression did not change from the beginning. He just looked at the girl's face and allowed her to keep attacking him.

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