Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2140

Tang Lang felt that something was amiss. "Is it my imagination? Why does it feel like Grandfather dotes on Annie? I'm getting diabetic from their sweetness"


Tang Lang pointed out, "Look, look at that! Annie almost fell after that last attack and Grandfather quickly helped her! Don't think that you moved fast enough so I can't see it... Ah, Annie fell into Grandfather's arms. He purposely moved a step forward... Look! He held her hand"

Ning Xi was dumbfounded. "Stop it! We're not blind."

All of them could see that Han Xiao was being unusual towards Annie. He was just defending all the way as if he was treating a unreasonable lover

After half an hour of their "display of affection", Han Xiao suddenly halted the girl's movement. He blocked her left hand with an arm, then he held her right hand, applying pressure on some of her acupuncture points. As a result, all the weapons Annie held in her hands fell to the ground.

The next moment, Han Xiao held the girl's hand and led it to his face.

Annie's expression froze when she felt the warmth of the man's skin. In shock, she mumbled, "No... It's not a mask"

This face was real?

How could it be?

How could this person be so alike to Bro Qingze even though their aura was different?

Annie looked confused, but her face soon turned back into coldness. "No one is worthy to have the same face as Bro Qingze!"

Han Xiao still did not say anything. He just looked at the girl quietly as she was glaring angrily at him. He hugged the girl tightly.

"Grandfather pulled a great move" Tang Lang said.

"Wow, why does it feel like they make such a good pair?" Feng Xiaoxiao said.

"Master, I asked you to get the medicine for me!" Why are you flirting around now?

Annie's expression changed. "How dare you?"

The next moment, the man's voice reached her ear. "Youge"


Annie's expression went blank for a second when she heard the name. "Why"

Why was this name so familiar

Why did she want to push this man away so much, but her body was resisting it as if it found this hug very familiar?

Could it be this person looked too much like Bro Qingze?

However, she could tell them pretty clearly that the familiarity she felt was not just because of his face. It was everything about this man.

She knew that she should push him away and kill him, but this hug felt like a curse on her, controlling her consciousness. She could not resist it at all

Everyone else was stunned when they heard Han Xiao called her "Youge".

"Wait! What did Grandfather called Annie just now? Youge?"

Ning Xi nodded. "Seems like it"

Tang Lang was shocked. "Isn't Youge dead?"

"I have no idea too" Ning Xi replied.

"Damn! If Annie is Youge, wouldn't I have to call her Grandmother?"

Ning Xi was speechless. Could he please stop focusing on the wrong things?

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