Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2146

Ning Xi did not want to drive on her own, so she called Xu Tao to go over and pick her up. She wanted to discuss something with him as well.

Xu Tao rushed over soon although his phone was ringing non-stop.

"Bro Tao, what's wrong?" Ning Xi handed him a bottle of water as he was drenched in sweat.

Xu Tao drank half a bottle in one go. Once he could finally talk, the first thing he did was... to start crying

"Uhh" Ning Xi was shocked but she quickly comforted him, "What's wrong, Bro Tao? Just what happened? Tell me!"

Xu Tao had been dealing with all sorts of matters well, but she had never seen him like this before.

"Who is it!? My queen! Tell me which bastard it is!" Xu Tao was incensed..

Ning Xi was confused. "What bastard? Who are you talking about?"

Xu Tao stared at Ning Xi's womb with his red eyes, "The baby in your womb"

Xu Tao was hit by a wave of sadness, then he started crying before the steering wheel again. "I'm so frustrated! My queen!"

Ning Xi was stunned. "How did you know I was pregnant?"

"So, it's true... It really is true" Xu Tao's heart was breaking apart. He handed his phone over to Ning Xi. "Liang Feixing sent me a message after you called me. Someone leaked the news of your pregnancy!"

"What?" Ning Xi quickly took a look at Xu Tao's phone.

The Weibo status was just posted an hour ago, yet it was now on the top of the hot topic section. All the popular searches included phrases similar to "Ning Xi is pregnant".

"Which hospital did you go for the check up?" Xu Tao asled.

"The one that people usually go to." Little Treasure had gone there when he was sick. In addition to the fact that Ning Xi tended to overthink a lot recently, she thought that her body was facing grave stress issues, so she did not tell anyone about it and did not go to military hospital either. She just went to a hospital that was known for maintaing people's privacy.

Xu Tao then said, "That hospital was good at keeping secrets, but your pregnancy was too big of a news. Someone probably couldn't fight the urge and leaked it"

Xu Yao clenched his teeth. "We'll insist that you're not pregnant, and claim that those results are forged!"

Ning Xi laughed seeing Xu Tao so mad. "Bro Tao, this time, I want to go public."

"What did you say!?" Xu Tao nearly wept again.

Which bastard had made his queen fall in love so much that she would sacrifice her career for him!?

"I'm sorry, Bro Tao. I didn't give you any time to prepare because I only received the results today myself."

"That's not the point! The point is who's that bastard? Please think properly about it, my queen. This is not a small case. It'll affect you greatly if you let this go public! While the entertainment industry would be pretty lenient to you being pregnant before marriage, the fans wouldn't think so!"

Suddenly, someone knocked on the window when Xu Tao was talking.

"Who is it!?" Xu Tao was alert.

"It's me." Liang Feixing's voice came from outside.

Xu Tao then unlocked the doors.

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