Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2152

Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao's wedding was decided very quickly.

The next day, the relationship between Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi was publicized on the headlines of all printed media and the Internet. They were splashed across not just the entertainment section, but also the business section.

As the Zhuang family insisted on it, Ning Xi's true identity was highlighted as well. The business papers discussed the strong combination of the Lu Corporation with the Zhuang family.

It was not exaggerating to say that everyone was talking about it.

People started to recall details that they neglected after their relationship was revealed.

"Oh my God! My friends and I are so shocked! Ning Xi is actually Lu Tingxiao's wife and their kid is already so big!"

"That's really surprising! However, there've been some hints here and there! Do you guys remember Ning Xi's entrance during the Golden Film Award? Lu Tingxiao walked in with Ning Xi. We've always thought that the other star, who was supposed to attend with her,decided to pull out at the last minute and she got lucky. On hindsight, it wasn't a coincidence, was it?"

This fan's words sparked the interest of many others. Suddenly, everyone became Sherlock Holmes and tried to look for more clues.

"Also, there was Ning Xi's ending speech. In her last sentence, she said she wouldn't forget about her original aspiration and would keep going on for her dream, for the person she loved! Damn, a lot of people suspected that it was a confession to a certain someone! She was just confessing to Lu Tingxiao on the spot, wasn't she?"

"You're right! Because there was no other reason that the low-profile Lu Tingxiao would suddenly participate in a film awards ceremony. It was because his wife was receiving an award!"

"Oh, and during Glory World Entertainment's anniversary, coincidentally, Lu Tingxiao's first dance was with Ning Xi, and it was decided by drawing lots. Su Yimo was still at the top of Glory World Entertainment back then and she even called herself the future lady boss. She would've definitely tried to rig it to suit herself, wouldn't she? Yet, under those circumstances, Ning Xi still got it"

"Lu Tingxiao even said on that day he didn't know her at all! He was trying to prove his loyalty in front of his girlfriend!"

"Damn! Stop talking about it. My heart is being tortured right now!"

Suddenly, people felt so tortured that they almost cried.

They were so aggressive at showing affection to each other! And people still thought that Lu Tingxiao was low-profile!

The two of them had already announced it to the world; everyone just did not realize it!

At Glory World Entertainment.

All the artistes were really excited.

"Oh gosh! The idiots from Starlight Entertainment are really funny. They tried to scout Bro Xi! They actually tried to scout our Lady Boss!"

"Bro Xi is really low-profile! Ning Xueluo's just a fake daughter, yet she always tries to create an image of her being a winner at life. The boss didn't even know about Su Yimo but she always assumed she was the Lady Boss. Han Zixuan's much worse. She's just a downgraded imitation of Bro Xi! Look at our Bro Xi, a true descendant of a prestigious family, the biological mother of the little prince, and our real Lady Boss! The truth has only come to light now!"

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