Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2154

"There isn't really much work left. The only one that requires traveling overseas is the new product launch for LG in America"

The Boss then spoke up, "Tell them to come to China."

Xu Tao gulped, "Uhh, I don't think that's possible?"

"Cheng Feng," called Lu Tingxiao.

Cheng Feng replied, "No problem. I'll contact them. After all, LG is a partner of the Lu Corporation."

"Any more problems?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Xu Tao shook his head. "Nope!"

As expected of the Boss!

Xu Tao flipped through the schedule. "Next up is the premiere event for 'Assassin'. We have to go. Although there might be a lot of people on that day, the security will surely be tight!"

"Clear my schedule on that day," Lu Tingxiao told Cheng Feng.

"Yes!" Cheng Feng quickly noted it down in his notebook.

Xu Tao was speechless.

Boss, if you were to go on that day, the situation would only become worse!

Moving on, Xu Tao reported all of Ning Xi's upcoming work, and Lu Tingxiao cleared his schedule accordingly.

Ning Xi wanted to say something at first, but in the end, she gave up.

Ning Xi felt a little sleepy after a long discussion, she yawned.

Lu Tingxiao halted the discussion. "Sleepy? Go and take a nap."

Ning Xi rubbed her eyes. "But I still have a meeting to attend to later."

Xu Tao nodded. "Boss, there is indeed a meeting later."

Lu Tingxiao went up to Ning Xi. "Go to sleep. I'll attend the meeting for you."

Ning Xi laughed. "How are you going to attend the meeting for me?"

"Is there any rule that family can't represent you in a meeting?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Well, not really" Xu Tao replied.

Even if there were such a rule, you are the Boss. Would there be anyone to tell you off?

Xu Tao felt exhausted. Just as he was about to complain about it on the company group chat, he realized that everyone had their fair share.

Lu Tingxiao really represented Ning Xi at the meeting.

Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye were speechless when they saw the group chat.


In the end, Lu Jingli's plan to run away from home failed. To add salt to the wound, his mother made him decorate the wedding venue.

As for a certain blondie, he could avoid the preparation at first, but he could never avoid the real deal after all.

He still needed to be back and attend the wedding.

To avoid any external disturbances, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao organized their wedding on a small island that he owned.

There was a fantasy-like church on the island which was designed by Lu Tingxiao. Built two years ago, the whole island was shrouded with the aura of love.

Anyone could see that the island was madejust for their wedding.

"Is everything ready? Wait! Not this earring. This is for the toast. Where's the pearl one?"

"It's here! I'm busy at the moment!"

Zhuang Keer and Ning Tianxin had been busy helping Ning Xi since 5 a.m. in the morning. While most matters were prepared beforehand, things still went a little out of hand on the day itself.

In addition to Ning Xi being pregnant now, they needed to take extra precaution.

Lu Tingxiao came in through the door in his wedding suit. He wore a classic groom's breastpin on his chest and he looked very eye-catching.

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