Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2163

Chapter 2163: Naming The Little Princess

One day, at a friendly gathering.

They still had not decided on the name yet even though the baby was going to be due soon.

Lu Jingli, Jiang Muye, Tang Lang, Zhuang Keer, and the big bunch gathered together to think of a name.

Lu Jingli touched his chin. "It's been practically ten months already. How is there not a name yet!? Is it that difficult? Little Treasure's name is Lu Qingyu, so grand and cool. The second kid's name has to be something similar as well! Why not call him Lu Qincang? It's uniform and cool together! Lu Aotian works as well!"

Ning Xi's expression darkened. "Stupid! The doctor said it's a girl! It's a girl, alright?"

Lu Jingli was unhappy. "Who said that girls can't be called Lu Aotian!?"

Ning Xi's mouth twitched and she forced a kind smile. "Okay, we'll use that name for your future daughter! We'll see if she'll callsyou father in the future!"

Lu Jingli thought about it carefully, then he kept quiet.

Zhuang Keer gave it some thought. "How about Lu Jinghao? Quiet and good!"

Tang Lang suddenly laughed as he was munching on some peanuts. "Are you sure it's okay for Little Junior Sister's daughter to use such a lady-like name?"

Ning Xi glared at him dangerously. "Tang Lang! What do you mean?! What's wrong with my daughter?!"

Tang Lang replied immediately, "Only the name of Lu Yuetian would be worthy of your daughter!"

Ning Xi almost cursed, but she glanced at Lu Tingxiao and forced herself to stop talking.

"All the names you guys have thought of are useless! Look at mine!" Jiang Muye showed Ning Xi the names he had been thinking about and had written down on a piece of paper.

Ning Xi took it doubtfully. Her eyes were blinded by the names Jiang Muye wrote.

Lu Yuyan, Lu Nangzhuo, Lu Fengqu, Lu Biejin, Lu Chulei

"What the heck?! I don't know any of the words!"

Jiang Muye snapped his fingers. "That's the point, with a name like these, I'm sure no teachers would call her to answer questions! Terrific!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

She was really worried for their daughters in the future

They could not reach a conclusion after a long discussion. In the end, Lu Jingli said, "Let my brother decide. He's among the top three graduates from Chang Chun Teng University with a double Masters degree. The names he'll think of will surely be great!"

Lu Tingxiao was holding a paper in his hand, unfazed by the noisy group at all.

On his paper should be the names he thought of.

Everyone looked over curiously. They wanted to see what kind of names he thought of.

They then saw the list of names the devil had picked: Lu Aixi, Lu Lianxi, Lu Muxi, Lu Buli, Lu Buyu, Lu Weiyi

No one said a thing.

Lu Jingli stared at the list of names for some time. "Well... I take back what I said"

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