Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 437

Ning Xi went back to her apartment after shopping for the gift.

After she got out of the lift, she took out her keys as she was walking towards her unit. When she looked up, she saw a huge guy standing right in front of her door, blocking her way.

Ning Xi was dumbfounded. She checked the unit number to see if she had mistakenly gone to the wrong one.

"Uh, who are you? This is my home and youre in the way"

"Ms. Ning, Im Xiong Zhi. My boss has asked me to protect you," replied the man. He obediently stepped a few steps aside to give her way, and he continued standing there like a bodyguard.

Ning Xi was surprised by his reply, "Boss? Whos your boss?"

Xiong Zhi answered, "His surnames Lu."

"Lu...could it be Lu Tingxiao?"

Zhi Xiong nodded, "Yes."

Ning Xi felt annoyed, "What is he thinking? Why did he suddenly ask you to protect me?"

Xiong Zhi replied emotionlessly, "My boss asked me to protect your safety during the shooting."

Her safety during the shooting?

Ning Xi suddenly remembered her discussion with Lu Tingxiao about the script last night. At first, Lu TIngxiao had not agreed to it because there were too many dangerous scenes. Could this be a result of that?

Ning Xi took a deep breath, "Bro, even if its your bosss order, your boss asked you to protect me during the shooting. Right now, were far from starting! Arent you being here way too early?"

"When will you be starting?" Xiong Zhi asked.

"Im not really sure about when...but it definitely wont start anytime soon!" Ning Xi replied.

Xiong Zhi thought about it, then looked up, "Since youre not sure, then anything is possible. You might start tomorrow, or even now. I must execute my bosss orders."

Ning Xi was defeated by his logic, "But if you stand here all day, you might affect my life, and I dont know how to explain it to other people if they see you here"

Xiong Zhi thought about it again and nodded, "Okay, I understand."

He then proceeded to leave.

Ah? While he looked sturdy, he was easier to negotiate with than expected!

Ning Xi was relieved as she entered her home.

After she went in, she sent Lu Tingxiao a text message, telling him that he did not need to send someone to protect her.

Following that, there was no reply, it was dead silent.

Usually, when she messaged Lu Tingxiao, he would reply almost instantly. This was the first time that he had not replied after quite some time

He was probably busy working outstation.

Ning Xi did not worry about it too much. Instead, she took out the bracelet she had just bought and had another good look at it.

It was probably because she had bought it with her first ever endorsement paycheck that the more she looked at it, the more she liked it. She looked at it for some time before keeping it away carefully.

After reading some entertainment news and going through her script, night time soon arrived

No notification from the phone at all. Lu Tingxiao still had not replied her.

Ning Xi frowned. He should have finished work by now and was likely having dinner. Did he not notice the message? Or did he see it but did not reply?

For some reason, Ning Xi felt worried

Damn it! She was being too sensitive! It was only half a day that he had not replied her! Why was she feeling that way?

Ning Xi shook her head, put her phone aside and went off to get her dinner to stop herself from overthinking

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